04 June 2013

Baptism Gift Ideas

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A baptism is an extraordinary time in anyone's life, be it a child or an adult.  Irrespective of the age of the individual being baptized, the primary concerns should be concentrated on choosing the best baptism gifts for this awesome occasion.  The process of picking out baptism gifts can become overwhelming and as such, there are some guidelines below that can make process easier:

Guidelines for Purchasing Baptism Gifts:


Whatever gift you ultimately decide on, a great way of ensuring that it is a cherished gift is to get it personalized.  Any number of items can be engraved with the date of baptism, name of the individual being baptized and a special religious passage, prayer or message.  An excellent personalized baptism gift is a plaque that commemorates the occasion or a picture frame.  Bibles, silver cups, snow globes, mugs and blankets are also great items to personalize.

Keep it Religious Appropriate

Given that baptism is typically the first religious activity that a child experiences, it is an excellent idea to buy religious baptismal gifts.  Choosing a rosary is great even for a child because it can serve as a religious and decorative element in the bedroom until him or her is old enough to wear it.  Crosses, charms, crucifixes, medallions, medals and other religious symbols are great gifts as well.   Alternatively, glass, wooden or ceramic crosses can be picked out for the baby's room and an adult could be gifted with a Bible.

Money Talks

Money is a common and pragmatic gift for a baptism.  Everyone can use money, particularly in these uncertain economic times.  Parents can use the money how they see fit or a savings bond can be used to ensure that the money is saved for the future of the child.

Sentimental Treasure

Sentimentality in a baptism gift is about creating a bond between the child in the future and the date of the event.  To accomplish this, ensure that there is a distinct keepsake value attached to the gift like an irreplaceable object or a family heirloom that just cannot be bought.  This is a great idea for individuals who are closely related to the family.  For individuals who are not that close, good ideas for sentimental baptism gifts include writing a thoughtful letter or poem expressing good wishes.   The letter or poem can be framed and presented to the parents. Thoughtful gifts like these typically stand out and they are less likely to get discarded during the college years or when the child gets older.


Think about getting totally unique baptism gifts that directly speak to your personality.  That could mean pretty much anything, but bear in mind that it should be kept appropriate. The main aim is to, at a later date, create a memory for the child who is being baptized by providing a unique gift that stands out from among the others.  This would mean staying away from religious items, stuffed animals, dolls, jewelry and blankets.  Allow your imaginative juices to flow but do not stray to far away from the realm of the primary religious content of this important event.

This article was written by Morgan Taylor, a student at Emory University. She is going to school for a doctorate in psychology but she has a passion for writing. In her free time, she writes about her personal experiences and findings.

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