03 June 2013

8 Father's Day Craft Ideas

Father's Day is approaching and I have found eight fun ideas for crafts you can get a head start on making with your kids that Dad would be sure to enjoy this year!  Homemade crafts are great because they come from the heart and they can be kept and treasured for years to come.  Enjoy these ideas and feel free to share some ideas of your own in the comments below!

1)  Best Dad Trophy by 99Crafting.net - This is made with styrofoam cups and is a super cute craft you can help the kids make and one that Dad can proudly display!

2) Handmade Father's Day Gift Bags by PaperCrave.com - These are great if you have a store bought gift for Dad but still want to add your own unique homemade touch.  This tutorial shows you how to make a necktie or a bow tie version of this gift bag!

3) Neck Tie Wreath by GoodHousekeeping.com - Here's a fun idea for Dad's office door that you can make with some old neck tie's or with some inexpensive ones picked up around town.  You will need to help your child with this project but you have to admit it sure is unique!

4)  Love You To Pieces by CreativelyChristy.blogspot.com - Surprise Dad with a sweet treat in a Daddy themed jar that contains a cute message!

5)  Salt Dough Handprints by Whoreders.blogspot.com - This is a gift that both Dad and Mom can truly treasure for years to come!  Salt dough handprints are easy to make and kids have a lot of fun with this craft.

6)  Father's Day Photo Collage by PositivelySplendid.com - I like this idea for a gift.  You can display the kids' photos in a frame with the help of some free printables at the link provided, and then have the kids each name something they love about Dad to add to the collage!

7)  Mosaic Coasters by NaturallyEducational.com - Here's another craft project the kids will really enjoy getting to dig their hands into!  It's mosaic coasters and they are made with metal jar lids and a variety of fun items you want to add in such as Scrabble tiles, seashells, beads, pebbles, etc.

8)  Handprint Tile Paperweight by SheKnows.com - This is a fairly inexpensive craft project that is truly a great keepsake for Dad!  All you need is a single ceramic tile, some craft paint, and a paint brush! 

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