16 July 2013

Celebrating Your Birthday? 5 Party Planning Ideas

Party planning is a necessity when you are coming up with a birthday. Everyone celebrates birthdays a little bit differently, but in the United States, it’s typically done with a party – and maybe even some balloons and streamers to turn the atmosphere into a celebratory place. When it comes to party planning, there are 5 ideas that you will want to try and implement into your event.

Hire a Bounce House


Often times a jumper rental or bounce house is a great way to keep the kids at your party entertained. It can be fairly inexpensive and they are often delivered and picked up on the same day. Keeping in mind that managing the kids at the party helps make the adults be able to relax and have a good time.

DIY Decorations


According to HGTV, creating your own birthday decorations is easy – and there are a lot of different themes to choose from. Especially when you are trying to keep the party affordable, it can be advantageous to do some things on your own as opposed to buying everything from a party supply store. It doesn’t matter what theme you choose – it can be princesses, cowboys, or something else – there are plenty of innovative ways to decorate for a birthday party.

Prepare Food the Night Before


The last thing you want to do is be in the kitchen during the whole party, prepping food. Keep the food simple and let people nosh on chips and salsa and other items while you put the real food together. All of the food that you serve can be prepared the night before. This way, you can simply unwrap and place it out on the table. At the max, you should have to put a cookie sheet in the oven and come take it out when the timer goes off.

Keep the Kids Entertained


Using a bounce house can be a great way to keep the kids entertained – and they won’t be under foot. You can find an array of jumpers and bounce houses for kids of all ages. Some even have slides and obstacle courses, making it even easier to keep everyone entertained for a while. Best of all, you can rent these – which means a company will come to set it up and break it down for you.

Other ways to keep the kids entertained include having some different games around for people to play. Make sure you keep the age in mind so that there is always something for each kid to participate in. If you are going to have a “winner” at each game, be sure you have some kind of prize, too.

Skip the Cake


You don’t have to do a cake for the birthday party – cupcakes are all the rage. While they are a little more expensive per person, you can also choose to make them on your own. If you serve cupcakes instead of cake, it’s easier to serve and you don’t have to worry about people getting upset that they “got the smaller piece” or the one “without the flower on it.” Each cupcake is identical, so there are no hard feelings when cake is served.

Keep it Disposable


One of the hardest things about a birthday party is the cleanup. No one is going to think less of you if you don’t break out the fine china. Just as you consider a bounce house because someone else brings it and takes it away, you can do the same with the plates, the forks, the napkins and even the tablecloths. Simply buy paper (or plastic) everything and when the party is over, you can sweep everything into garbage bags and be done with the cleanup in minutes. Your dishwasher will thank you as well.

There are plenty of party planning ideas and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you don’t have to. You can bring the entertainment anywhere you want – your home, a park, or anywhere. You can easily have a bounce house delivered wherever and all the food can be carried in by cooler.

Andrea Starr is a writer for the city of Norwalk and does reviews of ways to enjoy the city and all of Southern CA.

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