30 October 2013

Make Homework Easier with these 8 Great Tips for Parents


For parents homework and getting children to do homework can be quite a task, especially after a long day in school. Many of us often find the day dwindling away and the homework still on the agenda. So, we’ve compiled a number of tips to help parents motivate and encourage children to take responsibility for homework and study.


Children need to be given expectations  and if you let them know you believe that they should get good grades at school, then this can be a motivation. Children with higher expectations of them tend to do better. Of course, even with high expectations children struggle and need help from you or a tutor.


Encouraging children to do their homework each day at the same time will help you create a regular agenda and so this will get them into the habit of doing their work. Ensure to push the fact that homework is more important than anything else and that it’s best to get it done after school rather than have to hold off.


Children should be given rewards if they show and absolute dedication to doing their homework. This will motivate and also show that you appreciate what they’re doing. Good grades and good school reports should also be rewarded and discussed.


Checking homework is a sure fire way to prevent them from skipping out on vital bits of their homework. You should check their work to ensure it is not only done but to a good standard. If you have enough time help them and if they’re struggling with a subject, get a tutor for them – this can also help significantly.


Tracking that their homework has been turned in is also important. Some times children just don’t turn home work in and this is often down to them not having enough confidence in their abilities. Check to ensure that they pass their homework on to the teacher.

Excellent Grades

Sometimes your children will surpass even themselves and in such a case then you should encourage them by rewarding them with kind words or even a surprise now and again. This can be a great way to show them you appreciate their efforts and their homework assignments.

Discuss Needs

Talk to the child about how they feel school is going and how they find certain subjects. Some children will find that they enjoy particular subjects more and find some subjects hard. This can be a call for help and in such a case perhaps you will need to help them with study, or even maybe get an online tutor to help out and hone their skills and understanding. Always ensure that kids feel they are welcome to come talk to you about school.


Attend all the parent teacher meetings there are and ensure kids know that. Keeping in touch with the school ensures children are focused and will be less likely to slack off and not do their work. This can be a significant motivation for children and teens.

Following these tips to encourage homework and effort at school will ensure children don’t fall behind and don’t slack at any stage of the year. It’s a great way to encourage children to get top grades and keep focused.

Cormac Reynolds has written about education and children for a number of years

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