04 November 2013

React Mobile App Review - Emergency Alert System at the Touch of a Button

The React Mobile app is a revolutionary way to help give you peace of mind in the event of an emergency at the touch of a button.  Available for free on both the iPhone and Android platforms, this powerful app enables users the ability to report criminal activity as well as emergency incidents.  This user friendly alert system requires just the push of a button that uses a SOS alert containing your GPS coordinates which is forwarded to your select emergency contacts within a variety of options including a SMS/text message, email, and/or a post to Facebook and Twitter.  Check out the video below to see more on how the React Mobile app works!

I recently downloaded the React Mobile app on my Android powered phone and the first thing I really liked about this particular app was the step by step introduction on how to work the app itself.  Once I had created my account I then proceeded to add my emergency contacts.  This process was very simple to do.  The one thing I need to add is that for this app to function properly you must have your GPS functioning turned on.  I had to manually turn mine on as I did not have mine on before installing this app.  Once on though I was good to go!  Activating an emergency alert is really as simple as React Mobile says it is - at the touch of a button!  You simply press the React Mobile shield located when you first open the app and an alert quickly gets sent out to your contacts, as well as the option to have 911 in your area pops up (you can choose yes or no at this point).  

I have to say I am impressed with the technology this app presents.  I can think of so many different instances where this app could come in handy such as children walking home from school or when home alone, when you're out jogging and want to feel safe, if you're in an abusive situation where you feel threatened, etc.  I have two girls with mobile devices and I already have plans to put this app on their phones because this will give me some added comfort knowing that they can alert a large group of people, including the authorities in the event of an emergency.  I would highly encourage you to download this app and to spread the word to your family and friends so they can stay safe as well!

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