16 January 2015

Some Ways You Can Make Entertaining Easier

Make Entertaining Easier

You love to have people over to your house. That sense of camaraderie as everyone gathers, eats, and talks truly makes you happy. Whether it is the holidays, a special occasion, or you just feel like having a party, you pride yourself on making memorable moments. There's only one problem. You always get too stressed and can't really enjoy it yourself until the night is over. Take some tips to help you breathe easier the next time you want to invite guests to your home.

Take a Team Approach

As you get ready for the big day, delegate jobs. Give everyone in your household different duties to perform. Just because you are the hostess doesn't mean everything should rest on your shoulders. Your stress level will really begin to drop when you see each item on your list getting checked off sooner because someone else is helping you along the way.

Prepare Foods Ahead of Time

If there is anything that can be prepared early and refrigerated, do a little bit at a time in the days leading up to your occasion. Taking on a few extra dishes a night is much easier than trying to do everything at once. You don't want to become overwhelmed.

Think Disposable

Give yourself as little cleanup as possible. Plastic yogurt spoons, other Gelato products, and paper plates will mean fewer dishes for you to wash at the end of the night. You can still choose colorful options that are attractive and match the theme of your party.

Pace Yourself

Don't try to get everything done in a short amount of time. Give yourself a break in between tasks. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before your gathering. On the day of your party, give yourself something you deserve, such as a hot soak or a brisk, morning walk, followed by a hot cup of tea. You'll be refreshed and ready for your festivities later in the day. When everyone arrives, make sure that you actually mingle and enjoy your hard work. Take a moment to sit down and eat some of the delicious food that you prepared. Don't spend all of your time running back and forth to the kitchen. If you set everything up buffet style, your guests can always help themselves. Your gathering will be a success.

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