25 July 2015

Bright Time Buddies - Your Child's Night Light Friend

Many children use a night light to help them sleep.  Whether they are afraid of the dark or the night light is there for safety in case your child needs to get up in the night, night lights can be handy and Bright Time Buddies has helped turn them into adorable nighttime friends!  Bright Time Buddies are soft, squeezable animal shaped night lights that are made to go with your child wherever they made need them.  They put off a soft glow with just a click!  Click them once for a rotating soft hue of colors and click twice for a solid soft comforting hue of light.  Bright Time Buddies make bedtime easy and comforting for children, and they make great gifts too!

There are six different Bright Time Buddies animals: Dreamy Dog, Domino the Penguin, Crescent Cat, Shimmer Unicorn, Lucinda Ladybug, and Lumy Owl.  Right now Bright Time Buddies is offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal on their website.  You can also check out the following Bright Time Buddies Review to learn more about this product from a parent's perspective, including pros and cons on this product.

Bright Time Buddies light up the night!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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