22 March 2016

Top Tips On Getting Your Child To Go To Bed On Time!

Trying to get your child to go to bed at night time can be a difficult task. They want to stay up and play, and it can take you ages to get them to go to bed and sleep. As we talked about here, making sure your child gets enough sleep is crucial for their health. Not only does it boost their concentration, but it also means they can sleep off the day's event and be ready to play the next day. There’s nothing worse than an overtired child. Here’s some top tips on getting your child to go to bed on time.

Fun bed

A fun bed can make the difference when trying to persuade a toddler to go to bed. A girls princess castle will entice her to go to her room. While toddler beds for boys such as a fun rocket themed or race car bed will appeal to your child. And ultimately help them to actually to want to go to their bedroom. You can accessorize the bed with their favorite teddies and some fun cushions, to really encourage them to enjoy bedtime.

Bedtime story

A traditional way of getting your child to go to bed on time is to encourage them with a bedtime story. As discussed here, a bedtime story is a great way to bond with your little one. If you work during the day, you don’t get a proper chance to spend some quality time with your child. Therefore, a bedtime story allows you both to spend time together. A bedtime story also helps enhance their imagination and gives them a love for reading.

A TV or Music player in the bedroom

If you don’t have a television in your child’s bedroom, it might be a good time to put one in there for them to use. Playing a DVD of your child’s program is an excellent way to persuade them to go to bed on time. And they will likely to go to sleep while they are watching the show. Listening to music is also a great way of getting your child to their bedroom on time. You can put on some nice nursery rhymes or some light music which will help them fall asleep. They may remember you rocking them to sleep to certain music when they were a baby, so it will be a soothing way to get them to sleep.

Not too much napping in the day.

If your toddler is sleeping too much during the day, it can disrupt their sleeping pattern at night. If they are between 1-3 years old, they should not be sleeping for more than three hours max a day. They will be missing out on essential learning time, and it will mean long sleepless nights for you. Try and change their schedule of sleeping, if this is the case, and then hopefully they will be tired and want to go to bed on time.

Remember every child is different and if they are genuinely not tired at night, you might need to take them to the doctor for further advice. 

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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