22 March 2016

What To Eat After You Get Your Braces

For adults and children alike getting braces is often the first step to a gorgeous new smile, but there are some limits on what types of food you should eat. Though they're designed to be sturdy and resilient, eating certain foods can damage your braces or lengthen the time you'll have to wear them. Foods that are hard, sticky, crunchy, or tough, such as taffy and hard candy, ice, gum, and nuts, should definitely be avoided while you have braces. 
Other foods can be eaten, but it's best not to bite into them with your front teeth -- this is good news for lovers of raw vegetables, pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. You can still eat these favorite foods, you'll just need to cut it and chew with your back teeth. Even corn on the cob can be enjoyed with braces if you slice the kernels off first. 
Many foods are great for those who have braces, such as soft produce and vegetables that have been steamed. Grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, and berries can be eaten alongside soft dairy products, yogurt, and soft cheese for a healthy snack that won't damage your teeth. Other foods that are braces friendly include: 
- Softer meats, such as chicken, turkey, meatballs, and deli meats
- Salmon, cod, crab cakes, tuna, and similar seafood
- Noodles, pasta, soft cooked rice, and other grains
- Muffins, tortillas, pancakes, and biscuits
- Eggs that have been hard boiled, scrambled, or fried
- Soups, chili, and cooked beans

The list of foods that you can enjoy while wearing braces is quite long. Remember to avoid eating anything that can damage your orthodontic work, such as very crunchy, hard, or sticky foods. The reward for being mindful about what you eat and taking care not to bite down on certain foods with your front teeth is a faster reveal of your healthy, new smile. 
Parents and children alike need to be mindful of what is the best sort of food to eat. Needless to say that a little help goes a long way. Here are some great dinner ideas for kids with braces that adults could probably try too.
Braces can seem like they are going to be on forever initially, however once you get used to them and get over the start it only gets easier. And the great thing is when you take them off you have a beautiful new smile.

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