23 March 2016

Vidangel Review

Taking the worry out of your kids watching movies

Okay Mom’s, I have to brag about this new product called Vidangel. I have been able to let my kids watch movies without me having to worry! It is cheaper then Redbox as well and can stream it from any device. The coolest thing is that it has filters you can select from and choose what you want to cut out from the movie. Sure their may not be a ton of stuff to delete from a PG movie but I like to watch it with my husband late at night and skip all the crude language and profanity.

There aren’t many other services like this available right now in the market. They seem to have found a loophole where they can ‘buy back’ the movie. I learned most of these things after reading a in-depth Vidangel review from Filterthatmovie. I am definitely going to have to brag about this to the Mom’s at soccer games and make sure that when my kids have a sleepover they use it. 

So to all my readers out there, let me know what movies you are watching and if you have caught any good flicks lately. And if you have, think about all the different parts you may have closed your eyes or muted it, or closed your children's eyes! Now you can avoid that stuff with smooth skip overs for only $1-2 per rental. I really like this service, you do need a good internet connection however but that is easy to come by these days.

If you have tried Vidangel or any other movie filtering product out there on the market please leave a comment below about which one is your favorite. Until then, keep being the best mom you can be to your kids and make sure you know what they are seeing on the TV and iPad.

Disclosure:  This is a guest post.

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