07 April 2016

Fostering Your Toddler's Creativity and Curiosity

Are you experiencing the dreaded ‘terrible twos’ phase with your toddler?

As if frequent temper tantrums aren’t enough, you must also be dealing with the constant barrage of “WHY” questions that are a sign of a healthy developing toddler brain.

Mommy, why do we have to eat?”

Why do I have to take a nap?”

Why is the sky blue?”

Why does my room smell like socks?”

Why. Why. Why.

Some days it feels like they never stop coming at you!

What many parents know is that, however ‘annoying’ these constant questions might seem, they are an important phase in toddler development.

A critical teaching moment.

One that should be handled with care, as it can impact the future of our sweet toddlers.

But what’s the most effective way of dealing with our toddler’s curious mind?

How do we ensure that we’re helping foster a sense of wonder and curiosity, while slowly introducing our toddlers to the “real world” with it’s real-world realities?

Answering her question directly with the hard truth will often lead to more questions.

Replying with a ‘half-truth’ and sugar-coating the answer might not be the most honest and trust-building approach.

Telling him to stop asking so many questions will diminish his sense of exploration and curiosity.

So what’s a mother to do?

I recently read a post written by Jen Epstein from tamethetantrum.com, where she attempts to help her 3,500 subscribers shed some light on exactly this age-old question.

My toddler asks ‘why’ to just about everything. What’s the best way to answer?”

After speaking with experienced parents, educators and toddler development experts, she shares the latest thinking on how to best tackle the situation.

Her post reveals 3 key steps that can help you keep your sanity during the ‘terrible twos’ while helping to foster your toddler’s creativity and curiosity.

You can find the post HERE.

Happy reading!

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