01 April 2016

4 Great Ways for A Stay At Home Mum To Earn From Home

A little extra cash can make a big difference for any family. Being able to earn during your downtime on a casual basis is a dream for many mums.

Fortunately, it can be a reality. There are numerous ways people can earn a little extra when they need it and we’re going to discuss some of them below. 

Become A Mystery Shopper - And Get Paid To Do Retail Therapy

Can you imagine getting paid to shop till you drop? Think it's too good to be true?

Nope, it's real! A mystery shopper gets paid to shop. All they have to do is pay attention to the details of the transaction, and, afterwards, write them down.

For companies that are responsible for marketing a service or product, such as bank, retail outlet or car dealerships, quality customer service is the best way to set them apart from competitors. They invest millions and millions in training frontline personnel and measuring the quality of the service. How do they do it? They use mystery shoppers to act like actual customers.

Mystery shoppers are simply people who are, in certain ways, similar to the typical customer of a business. They get recruited to visit an outlet and act like an actual customer, presenting problems, asking questions and buying products.

If you like the idea of being paid to shop, there's a guide to being a mystery shopper which will tell you all you need to know - how you can avoid scams, how to fit it in with your own commitments, and how much you're going to get paid.

Take Online Surveys

Working from home is easy, thanks to the internet and offers tremendous potential and benefit for stay at home mums. Sometimes all you need is to catch a few minutes here or there and you can fit in some time to earn. Many mums are finding new earning potential with online surveys.

Online survey sites provide mums with the opportunity to log on and earn. The surveys themselves cover a wide array of areas and most people will find one that fits in well with their experience – allowing them to provide valuable insight in return for rewards. 

Surveys sites such as Valued Opinions often provide credit which can be easily redeemed for gift vouchers. These sorts of online surveys are certainly something people can find the time to do in their down time and provides a little something extra for them to shop with. 

Assist an Online Tycoon - Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant (a VA for short) is much less daunting than it may appear. If you're a mum who hasn't worked for a while, do not worry if it appears that you'll need much experience and training to act as a virtual assistant for someone - this isn't the case. If you can do basic online tasks, such as making appointments, opening emails and responding to them, making Skype or phone calls, and providing basic customer service, you already have what it takes to be a great VA.

A VA's job is to relieve the person who employs you from mundane day-to-day activities, allowing them to dedicate more of their time to increasing revenue. You will either deal with customer issues on your own, or ask your employer about more complex issues. As you may suppose, this sort of work can be very enjoyable for individuals who enjoy interacting with people. Here is a good piece on the subject.
Providing Transcription Services

Usually, people first hear about the opportunity to be an online transcriptionist as they come across legal or medical transcription services. What they fail to realise, however, is that it requires specialist training to do this particular type of work.

However, general transcriptionists don't require any sort of specialised training - all one needs to do is type relatively fast (or your earnings will be quite low), and make sure they have proper grammar and spelling.

There is plenty of work available for a transcriptionist online. Internet marketers often create video and audio information products, for instance, and they often need to generate a written version of the audio or video recording. Those who record teleconferences, podcasts or webinars frequently need to produce written copies of their content to their audience as well.

All of the examples above would need to hire a transcriptionist.

Hourly rates for a transcriptionist are not sky high, but it is a very good way to earn a nice income. Transcription, after all, is something that anyone that is good with words and has a good ear can do.
All of these options provide a viable means to earn money from home for mums. If you have any other great ideas on how to do so, please comment below. 

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