28 November 2016

7 Ways to Make Money in the Comfort of Your Home

Want to work from home but don’t know what to do? Here are a few ideas on how you can make money right from your living room.

1. Sell Your Stuff
Online auction sites are still viable platforms for selling your stuff and making extra cash. If you have lots of clothes you never wear, collectibles that you’re sick of looking at, or an attic full of useful items that you don’t need, consider placing them online for a fair price. If you’re crafty and like to make clothes, accessories, wood pieces, or art, find creative auction sites to place your original items for sale.

2. Start a Blog
Blogs are crucial components of business websites and can make for a lucrative career. However, blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of work to develop an audience, establish yourself as an authority figure, and sell products online. Anyone with an interest in learning, dedication to the craft, and something to say can become a successful blogger.

3. Submit Articles
If setting up your own blog doesn’t sound appealing, you can always submit articles to other blogs or pitch stories to magazines and newspapers. Look for sites that welcome guest blogs, and keep tabs on online job boards. Everyone with a business is looking for a fresh voice to post on their site or print publication. Learn how to send pitches and get your words out in the world.

4. Offer Online Marketing Services
If you’re better at communication through social interaction, consider offering your social media skills to small businesses. Just like blogs, every business needs a strong social media team to create and build a presence online. Start by improving your own social media presence as proof of your knowledge and ability to build a solid following.

5. Create Online Courses
Online courses are becoming more and more popular. There are courses for everything these days and plenty of opportunities for more. If you have knowledge in a subject area, consider sharing what you’ve learned with the world. You can learn more about creating online courses from your local library’s digital resource center.

6. Transcribe Words
USC states that the job market is ripe for transcriptionists, and you can easily find a remote job to work at home on your own time. If you’re great at typing and don’t mind sitting in front of a screen for a few hours each day, look for transcriptionist opportunities to help supplement your income.

7. Consult Like a Pro
The more experience you gain in a field, the more insight you can provide for others who are following your footsteps. You can establish an in-person consulting business or do all your consulting and coaching online. If you choose online consulting, you’ll have access to people all over the world and can quickly become an industry leader.

What Are Your Skills?
There are so many more options depending on your skills and interests. Think about what you like to do, how much money you need to make, then develop a plan of action to combine the two. With hard work and dedication, you can make your lifestyle dreams a reality.

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