26 November 2016

Pursuing a Career in Occupational Therapy

A career in occupational therapy can be a very rewarding one.  Occupational therapy involves working with a variety of ages, helping people to live a quality life through therapeutic daily activities.  A career in occupational therapy can involve working in a school environment with children to help with school and social integration, as well as assisting those recovering from injuries as they go through different physical or cognitive changes.  Your role would involve assessing your client and designing a custom plan to help them reach their daily tasks and goals.

As you look into a career in occupational therapy you may have questions about salary and job outlook.  According to U.S. News, the average median salary for an occupational therapist is $78,810.  Depending on your state's requirements you will need either a bachelors or a masters degree.  In addition to your degree you will also need to pass the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy exam in order to get licensed.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 27% growth in this field between 2014-2024.

If you are just starting out with a journey towards becoming an occupational therapist you will need to research schools.  It is important to pick an accredited institution that will lead to becoming licensed.  Take your time in doing this research, carefully weighing your options.  This career is one with not only a promising outlook, but a rewarding one as well.      

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