05 January 2017

Don't Wait for the Spring: Why Is It Important to Have Your Carpets Steam Cleaned During Winter

Winter can be a very trying time period on your carpets. In the winter, the weather is cold and messy. When you enter your home from being outside during the winter months, you risk tracking in an exceptional amount of irritants. Snow and sleet dampens the ground, giving mud an easy opportunity to stick to the bottoms of your shoes. Once these irritants make their way into your carpet's fibers, it becomes extremely difficult to get them out using traditional methods.

The constant tracking-in of dirt during the winter months can make you consider getting your carpets professionally steam cleaned during that season. Is it worth it? We believe so. Here are a few things to consider before making this decision.

Winter tends to be the 'low' season for professional carpet cleaning services, as many people make the decision to let their carpets accumulate dirt so they can flush them clean come spring. This prevailing attitude makes it advantageous to hire a steam cleaner in the winter months. No waiting lists and open scheduling means professional steam cleaners can provide same-day cleaning services. If you live anywhere near Charlottesville, VA check out Belview Floorcare for some great deals.

Cleaning high-traffic carpets in the winter months will provide your home with cleaner air. Dirt and irritants can become trapped in the fibers of your carpet, but they get kicked back into the air when you walk over your carpets. This can cause the people in your home to develop breathing problems, contributing to the cycle of sickness that can come to characterize the winter months. Cleaning your carpets during the winter will make the air in your home much cleaner and easier to breathe. We spend a great deal of time indoors during the winter. You don't want to spend those 3-4 months breathing dirty air!

Cleaning your carpets in the winter is less time-consuming than doing so in the spring or summer, because the winter air contains less moisture than that in the summer. With little moisture in the air, the carpets are able to dry quicker, in spite of the windows (probably) staying closed. Just run a ceiling or standing fan to circulate the air. You'd think carpets would take a long time to dry, without a cross-breeze to facilitate drying, but with little humidity in the air in your home, the drying time goes down. In addition to this, steam cleaning in the winter lowers your risk of mold growth, making it an ideal time to clean your carpets.

Don't let the dirt pile up in your carpets. Don't resign to “just get it done in the spring,” because winter's got you feeling down or lethargic. Professional carpet cleaners are in their low season in the winter because this attitude becomes commonplace. The air in your home becomes its dirtiest in the winter when irritants become trapped in the carpet and then kicked back into the air. Steam cleaning your carpets in the winter will not only lighten your list of cleaning tasks to tackle in the spring, but it will also provide a multitude of health benefits you might not be aware of.

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