05 January 2017

New Year's Sweets

Holidays roll by fast enough, but you might already be thinking 2017. If there is celebration on your mind for New Year’s galas, put some sweets on your shopping list.

Firecracker Party Favor

Better Homes and Gardens featured this fun item for New Year’s dinner. It doesn’t take much to make an attractive dinner favor for adults or kids. Use cardboard tubes about 6” long. 

Cut the tubes crosswise at 3”. Then, rejoin the parts with adhesive tape. This creates the break where people will “crack” open the firework.

Wrap the joined tube in an 11” X 6” square of brilliant and shiny Christmas wrapping. Tie one end with curling ribbon. Then, fill the tube with small M&M®s, mints, nuts, and or Skittles®.

Then, twist the paper at open end closed, and tie it with a curling ribbon. You might also add small toys as surprises for the children.

New Year’s Pinata

Latin cultures often celebrate with a holiday pinata for the children in the yard. Filled with the wrapped candies you can buy in bulk at SweetServices.com, it will be a big hit.

Buy a pinata that looks like a star or glittering disco ball. Or, make your own out of paper scraps glued to a hollow form.

Be sure to use wrapped candies, so they do not stick. And, beware of candies with nuts if you do not know of any allergy restrictions.

Mix in individually wrapped Sugar Free Gala Mix, Assorted Fruit-Filled Candies, and Primrose Orange Honey Bee Filled Candy. Or, you might throw in some chocolates, toffees, and butterscotch for the older “kids.”

Candy Buffet

Instead of a baked goods dessert table, display candy selected for color, shape, and taste. The idea is to place everything in one area, so the impression of design, color, and textures is attractive and consistent with any celebration themes.

You might fill clear glass containers in diverse shapes, sizes, and heights with candies that are all white, ivory, or silver. You might do the same with blues and whites, or golds and black.

You can buy the licorice, sugar coated almonds, mints, jelly beans, and other candies to fill the picture.


Mason Jar Display

Try something simpler, perhaps more casual, with mason jars. Line them up or hand the out as favors.  You can make your own version of this item shown on Etsy

Fill separate mason jars with white, black, and gold jelly beans. Using small sugar sticks in clashing colors, stick them into the jelly beans to create a bouquet of candy sticks. Tie a broad band of black, white, and gold ribbon around the jar top and tie in a bow. 

Sparkling Centerpieces

New Year’s Eve calls for sparkle, silver/white, black/gold, and other combinations. You can make hundreds of table directions with household items or low cost supplies from a party-supplier.

You might fill cylinder glass vases of various heights with silver wrapped like Fort Knox Chocolate Candy Coins or Silver Foil Chocolate Balls. Or, fill martini glasses with Gustaf Taveners English Liquorice Allsorts or Atkinson Liquorice Balls.

New Year’s celebrations are all about good cheer, so a little color, texture, and sweetness just does the trick. If you have extras after the holiday, the favors make nice treat for teachers or a first responder who comes to your home in an emergency.

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