30 May 2017

How To Treat Your Child’s Cough and Colds Safely and Fast

Commons colds and cough are two very usual viral infections among children especially in a place where weather is unpredictable.
Often, these two go away without doing anything. Other times, they cause complications if left untreated. Hence, the saying "better be safe than sorry.”
However, we may be aware that synthetic medicines we give our kids may have unwanted side effects such as allergies, dizziness, or at times uneasiness.
What I have been doing to avoid these then is to give them L-ascorbic acid and Vitex negundo. 

Vitamin C and common cold

This vitamin has been known to be an antioxidant and an immunity booster. Hence, it is not questionable that it is beneficial for children with common colds.
In a study of more than 11, 000 participants, the researchers’ concluded that vitamin C intake is beneficial for those who are into physical exercise and are exposed to harsh environments. It is beneficial because it reduced the incidence of getting common cold by 50%.
Also, because of the possible antihistamine effect of vitamin C, especially in high doses, it can shorten the duration of the cold and lessen its symptoms.
Note, however, that for vitamin C to help lessen the number of days your kids have common colds, it has to be taken daily and should be no less than 200 mg/day. Taking ascorbic acid after the colds have started may not be able to reduce its severity nor its duration.

Where to get vitamin C

Food and dietary supplements are two sources of vitamin C. The former is the best source because it’s where vitamin C is naturally present. However, because we have to cook some food, heat destroys vitamin C.
Dietary supplements, on the other hand, may contain just a replica of the natural vitamins, but according to research its ascorbic acid bioavailability is equivalent to the naturally occurring one in the foods we eat. Although other supplements include more minerals such as sodium ascorbate.
If you are still iffy about getting the supplements but don’t want to eat raw vegetables at the same time, you may get your daily dose of vitamin C from fruits such as orange, grapefruit, and kiwi. Just a piece of each of these fruits meet your daily value vitamin C requirement.
If you are looking for vitamin C for your infant, breastmilk should be enough source for your little one even if you have colds yourself.

Vitex negundo and cough

Vitex negundo Linn is a shrub that has been proven to have a number of medicinal benefits. One of these benefits is its ability to relax the bronchial tubes, hence, relieving asthma symptoms.
Vitex negundo has been used traditionally to treat respiratory problems. To confirm its effectivity, the researchers tested it on mice. They induced cough to these creatures using sulphur dioxide.
After 60 minutes of continuous cough induction, Vitex negundo inhibited cough by about 68%. It is quite lower than other synthetic cough medicines; however, the same study showed that despite high doses of Vitex negundo, there was no impairment or toxicity at an acute level.
These results mean that we can rely on this plant for its antitussive benefit without worrying about the side effects.

Where to get Vitex negundo

The plant is a common inhabitant of Asian countries such as India and the Philippines. It comes in different common names such as Chinese five-leaved chaste tree, Agno casto, Lagundi, and Nigundi.
Traditionally, Vitex negundo is prepared as a tea for the relief of respiratory disorders. To prepare the tea, first you have to wash the leaves and flowers carefully. Make sure there is no dust or dirt or any other harmful element on the leaves.
Next, cut the leaves and flowers to make 1 cup. Boil it in 2 cups of water for about 10 minutes. Let it steep for a few more minutes then remove the solid parts. Take 1/2 cup of water thrice daily. If it tastes too bitter for you, try adding a few tablespoons of organic honey or lemon.
If you find the preparation too laborious, you may buy one that’s already been prepared for you. There are Vitex negundo syrups and capsules available in the market, particularly the online ones.


While common cough and colds are symptoms that usually go out by themselves, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
Vitamin C and Vitex negundo are nature’s way of helping our kids keep cough and colds at a tolerable level. Fast. 

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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