08 June 2017

Who Should be Throwing a Baby Shower?

This is very common and an age old question that every pregnant woman should answer based on her family's traditions. However, if tradition is not a factor, then every expectant mother should feel free to host her own baby shower.

According to the traditional baby shower etiquette, the following rules apply:
·         A close friend, one of the grandmas-to-be, or other family members throw the baby shower.
·         It is considered inappropriate for the parents-to-be to throw the baby shower or ask someone to throw you a baby shower.

The good news is that baby shower etiquette has rapidly changed over the last couple of years and in most cases where a pregnant woman has a group of caring friends, someone will step up to throw a baby shower, fairly early on but if no one offers, do not be intimidated or feel as if it’s wrong to ask someone or alternatively, start dropping some subtle hints to your friends and family about making plans for a baby shower especially when you feel like your chances of having a shower are dwindling.

Throwing a baby shower for someone can be a tad intimidating because, even though you have offered and are ready to take on the challenge, you may need to occasionally consult with the host in matters such as who should be invited, overall budget, gifts and much more. This is why some likely candidates are hesitant to step up and host a baby shower.

Depending on the makeup and relationships within your family and friends – you may have a combination of those around you that do not get along and throwing a baby shower could lead to some issues developing. You need to keep in mind that this is a very special time and event to be shared with friends and family and family politics shouldn’t get in the way.

So you can re-invent the baby shower rules and etiquette. If you must throw your baby shower when no one else will, so be it. Start early with the woodland baby shower invites. Have the cupcakes made and have a coed-baby shower and invite your husband and his friends.

It is also very important keeping the following in mind when planning a baby shower;
  • The time of day of the party - brunch baby showers are very popular and easy to organize
  • The location of the party
  • The food, drinks, and entertainment
  • Your baby shower budget and the theme are very important. Consider some do-it-yourself centerpieces and crafts that will not blow your budget
If this is your second child, you may need to change your baby shower invitation ideas to consider having a scaled-down version of a full baby shower known as a baby sprinkle. It may not be as lavish as you would want it to be, but you will be celebrating a special bundle of joy. A pick-nick at the park with family and friends, good food and fun activities will suffice. The aim is to have fun.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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