31 July 2017

Where To Store Your Beach Cruiser

Going with the flow is part of the Southern California ethos.  Everyone is on the move, whether riding men’s cruiser bikes on the beach or a heftier hybrid road bike on tougher terrain.  Likewise, L.A. is full of adventure-seekers who spend their first months in the city in less than plush accommodations.

The movie Shut Up, Little Man is set in the Pepto-Bismol Palace, a sickly-pink hotel turned L.A. apartment building.  Many new arrivals in L.A. live in buildings like the Pepto, which do not have specially designated bike parking.  Where, then, do you store your gorgeous beach cruiser if you can’t keep it at home?

A Friend’s House

The safest place to store your bike is with a friend who lives in a house with its own garage.  If your friend shares the house and garage with people that you don’t know, you might want to keep the bike chained in your friend’s garage.  You will feel safe that your bike is stored indoors with a person you trust, whom you can easily reach by phone.

Public Storage

If you ride your bike infrequently, you might consider storing it in a public storage unit.  Public storage is also an option if you will be out of town for a long time.  Renting a small storage space does not cost a lot.  It is the best option if none of your friends can keep your bike.

Your University Campus

If you are a student, your university is a safe place to keep your bike.  Universities have bike racks outside classroom buildings and residence halls.  Campus security personnel will pass by the bike rack frequently and keep an eye on it.
If you don’t have room to keep your beach cruiser at your home, keep in mind that you have plenty of low cost options for storage.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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