06 October 2017

Shiny Flowers For A Special Day Of A Newly Born Baby

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

Most recently, I and my girlfriend have finished degree courses at university where we both have spent four wonderful years. We already have been on the work placements and without any problems got jobs in a cosmopolitan city. Everything was running smoothly and nicely in our lives. We kept in touch with all of our friends from the college and met each other quite frequently over the week end and public holidays.

Once upon a time a very close friend of mine wrote me a message via social network that he and his long time love are expecting a birth of a baby and they are going to become parents in approximately two weeks time. It was astonishing news for me, because as couples we were very close friends and it certainly has not been expected that they were going to be able to keep such news in secret for a long time. I immediately informed my girlfriend Alice of what I have been told by my friend, so no wonder as her jaw fell out opened of such news.

All in all it has been decided to make a decent gift for them and one of the best ways to express our amusement and happiness to them was to organize flower delivery after his wife returns back home from the hospital. We have agreed over the phone that he is going to inform me when it is going to happen, so that we can order flowers online in advance.

We had plenty of time to prepare the order and almost every evening I looked at the internet to familiarize myself with the flower shops in the town they lived in. There was a substantial amount of stores and almost all of them had very good websites, so that the customers could place their order for flower delivery online from virtually any place.

One of the most important aspects that was taken into account was to choose a florist whose location was not very far away from our friends home. If that was a success we almost certainly could have guaranteed cheap flower delivery and save substantial amount of money. Eventually my prayers have been answered. On one of the evenings I found a very good florist , which situated within a mile range from our friends home. The flower shop had an exceptionally good website, perfect layout and clearly outlined terms and conditions, hence it was decided to stick with that flower shop and order flowers from them.

On the day before my friend’s wife must have to gone home I was informed of that over the phone. Almost immediately sat in front of my computer and returned to the flower shop website. After accessing it, «A new born baby» icon was clicked and I was immediately referred to the appropriate page with the bouquets that could have been arranged specifically for that occasion. My girlfriend also joined me and we started to look for the right flowers.

After having a little bit of discussion, we have chosen a very impressive and colorful composition that featured pink stargazer lilies, some purple roses, seasonal purple flowers and some greens. The bouquet had a vase in a form of an elephant, which bodied well for the newly born baby even and certainly would have added a lot of positive atmosphere in their house. We also opted for a large bouquet option, which would have made the composition much bigger and more presentable.

Before we eventually were about to send flowers to our friends address we double checked everything and notice that it was forgotten to enclose a message card. We have chosen a card from many that were provided on the website and wrote a wonderful message in a box provided. So, all that was left to do was to make the payment, which surprisingly was not very high.

On the next morning the florist’s representative have informed me over the phone that dispatch was ready and it is going to reach the recipient within half an hour. Overall it was a fantastic experience to shop online on http://vipiris.com/usa and to make a pleasant thing to our friends on such a special occasion. 

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