10 October 2017

Sustainably Grown Coffee - with a Twist!

Regular coffee is a fantastic beverage, but regular coffee cultivation methods take a toll on the environment in terms of water and land pollution caused by indiscriminate farming, to cater to the growing needs of the world’s population.  The use of harmful chemicals and insecticides in farming including coffee plantations also introduces toxins into one’s body that often goes unnoticed for many years. 

Idecaf Coffee Co.  is the first artisan coffee brewer specializing solely in sustainable cultivated coffee. All our beans are sourced from sustainably grown coffee plantations from around the world.  We take great effort in choosing the coffee plantations that we do business with to ensure that the coffee beans are grown in an environmentally responsible
manner, without the use of any harmful chemicals in the cultivation process.  Our hand-
selected coffee beans come all the way from South America, Africa and Asia. We offer a
wide selection of both regular and decaf coffee ranging from flavored to plain-vanilla beans.

Among our more popular flavored coffee include Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry
and Maple Bacon. For regular coffee, we have the Espresso Verdi which is perfect for that
cup of espresso you’re craving.  Ethiopian Longberry coffee is another popular pick featuring the finest beans from Africa that is a must try for true coffee connoisseurs. 

What truly sets our coffee apart is the fact that we only use premium beans cultivated just
the right way, and our patented roasting process which gives our coffee beans the amazing
taste and aroma that you would most certainly love with every cup.

In our experience, the switch to sustainably grown coffee beans has also yielded amazing
tasting, full flavored and aromatic beans that are often lacking with most other coffee
roasters today. Saving the environment with every cup of coffee is what we do best!

Where to get your hands on our coffee? 

idecaf.com to view our full collection of amazing tasting coffee! 
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coffee selection exclusive to readers of Textbook Mommy!

Or enroll in our exclusive coffee-subscription plans today and get an amazing 10 % discount
off your orders at any fixed intervals of your choice! All subscription plans come with the
option to change or cancel anytime for added flexibility.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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