11 July 2018

Latched Support, Inc. in San Antonio Provides Breastfeeding Support

Latched Support, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) serving mothers, children, families & communities in Bexar County with a mission to breakthrough cultural barriers to bring education and support for breastfeeding during pre & postpartum care in an effort to reduce the healthcare disparities existent in many pockets of our local community.We educate families on the importance, impact and health of breastfeeding by means of classes, support groups& information sharing as well as offer in-home, in-office & phone support from pregnancy through the first year of the child’s life for the breastfeeding mother. Our goal is to raise awareness of the benefits to breastfeeding within communities which currently reflect a low percentage of breastfeeding mothers, specifically, African-American & Hispanic communities.While knowledge of the benefits of breastfeeding has increased in recent years, as demonstrated by a national rise in breastfeeding rates, focus group conversations revealed important aspects of breastfeeding that present challenges for both Hispanic & African-American women. By day 2 of life, over 50% of Hispanic & African-American newborns are being placed on formula.

The generosity of our donors allows Latch to empower families from all cultures, generations, and walks of life so that they may enjoy healthy babies and healthy families! We would deeply appreciate your support as we work towards “Keeping San Antonio Breastfeeding” and supporting our community together.

Leading up to our birthday celebration on August 25th, 2018 we will be having our annual fundraiser campaign. In order to continue to match the growth & need of services, we have set a $7,000 fundraising goal. These funds will go towards the second year costs of running our nonprofit and building our material assistance program for families in our community. We thank you for your support to serve our community effectively and ethically. #staylatched




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