05 September 2018

Great Gifts for Mermaid Lovers

Are you a lover of mermaids or do you know one? Here are three beautiful gifts that are excellent additions. 

Ursula settled comfortably as a human, a mermaid who had turned human. She often found that the human world was quite strange and somewhat alien like, but she loved all the freedom that came as she became her own person. She no longer had to worry about the water coffin which kept her prisoner or the magic witches or even the sea urchins who were jealous of her. The one thing she so dearly missed with all her heart was her Pusheen.

When she left the underwater world, she gave her beloved Pusheen mug to her rescuer, Jasmine. She only did so to move on with her life as a human. Ursula generally had a hard time as she kept feeling lost without her mermaid tail, her mind was often consumed with thoughts of recreating herself as a mermaid on the dry land. She immediately called Jasmine who showed up at her door 15 minutes later bearing gifts from the mermaid kingdom to help cheer her up.

Ursula soon felt like she was back in her kingdom as a mermaid and felt a deep emotional connection to a mermaid comfort blanket. The blanket gave her all the comfort she could ever need and made her feel as though her mermaid identity would always be a huge part of her. As she hugged the blanket, its softness was so much more than that of her own tail. And tonight would be the first night since she became a human that she could finally sleep in peace, and she was no longer haunted by the nightmares of her dark past.

The key to opening Ursula's water coffin was in the saltwater shimmer bag. Ursula lay in her underwater crypt as it was completely engulfed by seaweed and moss. A thousand years had passed and she lay in a peaceful slumber as the underwater world which surrounded her became broken and eventually fell into chaos. One day as time became still, the once abandoned water kingdom was graced with the presence of a crafty intruder whose name was Jasmine and she was in search of the saltwater shimmer bag.

The saltwater shimmer bag was known throughout the kingdom as having the key which would free Ursula from the spells casted on her by the jealous sea urchins a thousand years ago. Countless people tried to reason with Jasmine and prevent her from going on such a careless quest. She was decisive and didn't pay attention to all the pleas made by her family and friends, for she knew that this was more than just a legend and was bent on setting the record as straight as it could have ever been. Endless days and nights turned into weeks upon weeks as she explored the darkest depths of the ocean, she quickly made friends with the Nemo's and the Dory's who soon followed her on her quest.

One faithful day, she was startled as she came upon a ring of light which circled a seaweed and moss bed. She began to carefully comb her way through and to her surprise, her eyes fell upon an underwater castle. The stony interiors sparkled as bright as the sun with all the magic that was infused into its walls. The thought immediately dawned upon her that if she went inside, she just might find the mermaid bag and be able to unlock Ursula's coffin and become the explorer that she always dreamed she would one day become.

As she fumbled through all the rooms of the castle, she could only feel the coldness of the dark and she saw nothing but black as far as her eyes could see. Suddenly, a radiating school of fish came by and kindly smiled at her as she squinted through her hazed eyes. To her surprise it was her friends the Nemo's and the Dory's, they quickly worked together and found the bag. The mermaid bag was hidden beneath pearls which glistened in the specks of light, and it was almost as if they gave off a sly wink.

Jasmine dipped her hand into the bag and pulled out the key wrapped in velvet, this aided them in opening Ursula's coffin. Ursula was finally able to be awoken from her almost eternal slumber. That day, they were all thankful to the saltwater shimmer mermaid bag which had the secrets to finally overcome the sea urchins.

Ursula was finally free and found herself on dry land where she soon lost her mermaid tail and transformed into a human. Even though she felt quite lost without her tail, she was more than happy and grateful that her curse was broken. One night as she sat alone by the crackling fire which was lit in her room, a vision came to her with all its sparkling glory. She thought about what she needed to perk herself up and make her feel like a vibrant mermaid who had just been reborn.

She immediately thought of peace and love and fell into a shy blush as the dazzling sparkles cunningly glinted in the dim light which danced across her room. She was soon to be graced with the presence of her lover and she began to cover herself in as much glitter as she could so that every time she made a move, she would sparkle. Her long flowing hair was dyed in every color of the rainbow and she further doused as much mermaid glitter on it as she could. She was finally ready and as the door flung open, her lover flew straight into her longing arms and they entered the bath becoming one.

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Pusheen looked so much happier as a mermaid when Jasmine finally unlocked Ursula's water coffin. The mermaid queen was truly grateful and showered Jasmine with gifts that up until that point, she had only dreamed of. She was given fresh mermaid meals of glitter and sprinkles and beautiful mermaid earrings which glistened in the light. But, her attention was taken away by the simple Pusheen mermaid cup.

The mug wasn't ordinary and was actually Ursula's cat who had been long lost. Pusheen was stolen by the sea urchins who were jealous of Ursula in every way possible. Pusheen was her loyal Mer-cat companion who was just as playful as a kitten who had found a ball of yarn. Ursula painted countless portraits of him in all his glory and beauty, but these were destroyed by the sea urchins.

The mug was the only thing that they didn't get since Ursula used a powerful cloaking spell to keep it hidden because she couldn't bear to lose him forever. When she came to shore, she was never able to find Pusheen and Jasmine was quite startled and surprised that Ursula had given the mug to her since she was extremely attached to it. Jasmine pleaded with Ursula to hold onto the mug in remembrance of Pusheen but to her surprise, Ursula refused.

Ursula then went on to tell her that if she ever wanted to fully become a mermaid on land, she had to let go and sever all the ties she had to her past. Ursula knew that she simply couldn't live on the dry land in grief of the past life she lived. She knew that she needed to move on and that her beloved Pusheen mug was in great hands, and it really was because Jasmine cherished the mug as if she were a parent who cradled a new born baby.

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