04 September 2018

What to Look for When Buying a Baby Thermometer

When it comes to your baby you want to give your child the best you possibly can. This includes the love and care you provide when your baby gets sick. For example, it is not uncommon for babies to develop a fever every now and then. Having a good baby thermometer on hand will help you accurately determine the severity of your child’s temperature. The following is a guide on what to look for when buying a baby thermometer.


There are a variety of models to choose from when selecting the right baby thermometer for your child. Model options include ear, forehead, pacifier, and rectal thermometers. A solid tip is to read online reviews to find out how other parents rate the models you are interested in.

A rectal thermometer is generally considered the most accurate when it comes to reading an infant’s temperature. It is a good idea to speak with your child’s pediatrician to see what thermometer options they recommend for accuracy and they can also provide tips on how to identify when a child’s temperature is serious enough for medical attention.

Digital thermometers are also great for ease of use and the flexibility to be used by the whole family. Popular options include ear and forehead digital thermometers. The Braun Digital Thermometer is a favorite among many, as well as the Metene Medical Thermometer which can be used on the ear or forehead.


Features for baby thermometers you may be interested in could include memory of last temperature taken, backlit display, ease of use, and short temperature reading time. Questions to ask while selecting the appropriate thermometer can include length of warranty, price, and accuracy of readings. Determine which features you are most interested so that you can seek out the best baby thermometer for your child.

While we never want our children to get sick, being prepared with a solid functioning thermometer is going to be key when determining the severity of a fever. Hopefully this guide has helped you determine what you should be looking for and what may be best for you and your little one. As always, don’t hesitate to ask around to get advice from fellow parents and your child’s pediatrician.  

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