19 November 2018

Tarot Cards: To Know Your Future & To Be In Control Of Your Destiny

Sometimes in life, unexplainable happenings occur which can drastically alter your life. Every second you spend today making decisions and choices can affect the course of your future. 

What if there existed a way to know when the stars will align, to make your destiny complete? How would you alter the future using the present then? For every question you seek about the future and to change the path of your life, all you have to do is get an authentic tarot reading.

The art of tarot readings has existed from the beginning of time. These cards with strong links to old Egyptian hieroglyphs and semiotics can tell you a lot more about yourself than any other fortune telling method can. 

Some say the power of the reading lies with the reader while others say the power lies within the deck of cards. Either way, nothing can stop you from finding the success you deserve if you have a combination of a great tarot reader and a deck of these mystical cards. 

Tarot Reading And The Future

It is a common belief of all tarot readers that the future is a fluid entity. So it cannot be predicted completely accurately. According to these fortune tellers, every incident in the future has a root cause that lies in the past. With this information about the vague future, the reader suggests possible alterations you can do to your present in order to steer your future in a favorable route. 

As individuals, the one thing everyone desires is a certainty. Having the future stand ahead, completely unknown of what it holds in store for you, can be hard to go through. With the help of the art of tarot reading, you can simply banish this fear and be in control of the unknown future and steer it towards positivity and good luck. 

The base about tarot cards is that it makes you reflect upon who you are today, and what you want to be tomorrow. It encourages you to learn more about yourself, and also understand in depth the relationships you have with all the people in your life. Tarots can show both the fortune as well as misfortunes that lay ahead. They also offer precautions and methods to ward away the danger. 

Tarots And Love

Probably the most popular motive behind seeking tarot cards and their ability to change the future, Love is another fluid factor that the tarots can help you with. Be it about finding your true love or about marriage predictions, tarots can be your ultimate guide. It is impossible to say how much information you may receive with a single reading. According to this guide from Psychic2Tarot, if you’re lucky you may even get specific details. 

Finding a partner can be an extremely confusing task in this world filled with billions of people. To search all along until you meet your soulmate may be an impossible task. Eliminating some of the possibilities and narrowing down the options can be done using the science of tarot cards. All these factors can help you meet the love of your life sooner so you can achieve fulfillment when it comes to finding true love. 

As the tarot reader predicts the future, he can foresee your future love life and suggest what you should be doing to reach there. Sometimes the cards show specific details such as the place where you would meet the love of your life. In some cases it is also possible to predict the approximate time period you will find your better half. 

The Cards And Facts About Them

Tarot cards are similar to a regular deck of playing cards with four suites and cards in each of them. However, they have another division known as the major arcana and the minor arcana which form part of the reading. 

The major arcana, similar to its translation predicts about important and crucial parts about your life while the minor arcana depicts smaller events of change. The major arcana is a set of 22 cards that are numbered from 0 (the fool) to 21(the universe). If you happen to pull out a major arcana card on your reading, you can interpret it as a major event taking place in your life. 

The minor arcana, on the other hand, is a set of 54 cards divided equally into the four suits of wands, pentacles, cups, and swords. Pulling out a card that belongs to the suit of wand usually symbolizes a part of your life that you are passionate about. Extracting a card that belongs to the earthly suit, pentacles, symbolizes financial matters and a card from the cups, the water sign, symbolizes emotions that are fluid. Lastly, the suit of intellect which is connected to the element air represents intelligence and rationality.

Tarot Cards And Their Meanings

Every card stands with a specific meaning for the suit they belong to and the symbol they carry. An example is the first major arcana card, the fool, which stands for innocence, energy, and unbridled enthusiasm. Similarly, the high priestess, emperor, empress, hierophant, lovers, chariots etc stand for a unique interpretation of their own. 

Tarot Reading And The Spread

The spread refers to a particular type of method chosen by the reader to read into your future. Ranging from a simple three card layout to a seven-card horseshoe spread, every tarot reader chooses a style of her own for diving into the world of tarot reading. The three card layout is one of the simplest ways to perform a reading and each of the cards picked to represent the past, present, and future respectively. 

There are an infinite number of spreads that are used all over the world and no matter what you want to know, these cards can help you. Tarot reading is a vast science and there are different kinds of readers depending on your purpose. If you want to communicate to the dead, improve your luck, gain financial advantages or find love, you may need specialized readers who're an area of expertise covers your query. 

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