19 November 2018

The Glamorous World of Men’s Luxury Jewelry

Men’s jewelry has a unique charm about it. Simple yet sophisticated designs are manifested in various styles and items and a smart purchase can really add a lot to the outfits that you wear. From luxury watches to accessories, there is plenty to choose from. 

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in suits and formal wear, these additions may just help you make even better impressions on your business and personal circles. Explore the possibility of adding a bit of bling to your collection. Here are some very useful pointers when you buy men’s jewelry.

Men’s Bracelets

Unlike women’s jewelry, the same for men serve the purpose of adding an accent to an outfit, rather than taking the spotlight. Men’s bracelets are a very good addition to your accessories collection. The styles are simple and minimalistic but there are many different ones to choose from.
Most bracelets come in links – a Figaro bracelet is one with a set number of circular rings that are then punctuated by a longer oval one. These form the chain of the bracelet which can also be embellished with a precious stone. A Cuban link bracelet is one with a single link size – circular. Franco chain bracelets provide a solid finish as the links are connected in four corners, unlike the Cuban links. From afar, this bracelet will look like a solid piece.

Browse through a top collection of bracelets like https://www.frostnyc.com/collections/mens-gold-bracelets. Here are some tips on how to wear men’s bracelets.

Choose the metal based on your skin tone. If your veins show through your skin, it means that are someone with a cool skin tone. The cool tones of silver or platinum will suit such skin. You can also add cool-toned white precious stones into the mix. If your veins do not show through your skin then you probably have a warm tone. A gold bracelet is perfect for you in this case. 

How do you wear men’s bracelets? Keep things simple. Pick a bracelet that does not clash with your watch and wear it on the other hand. Wear your metal bracelets with your formal clothing. Along with a watch, the bracelet will provide a nice foil for your sharp suit or tuxedo. Usually, the sleeves of your shirt will keep the bracelet obscured depending on your hand position. A bracelet should be worn just like a watch – it should stick to the hand and not fall loosely. 

Men’s Rings

Finger rings for men have always been a more symbolic element rather than just an aesthetic one. They denote relationships and can be an expression of power. Astrologists in many cultures suggest the addition of particular stones to the finger ring.

As a fashion item, the finger ring comes in hundreds of fascinating combinations. Opulent gold nuggets and rings with bejeweled and intricate carved motifs are very popular in high fashion circles nowadays. Some of the stones that go well with a formal man’s wardrobe are sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, along with white diamonds. 

Other Jewelry Options

Apart from men’s metal bracelets, there are other accessories that can add some style to your outfit. Men’s chains and pendants are a classic combination, one that retains its charm even with the most modern suits and outfits. 

Chains in 10K gold with a hollow-link design are sturdy and versatile. White gold and traditional yellow gold with rubies are also a swanky choice. Franco gold chains provide a more solid and thicker finish and can be worn with your plain tees and a semi-formal jacket too. Pendants provide a variety of motifs that you can express. From golden peace signs embellished with small precious stones to solid rubies, there are many ways you can make those heads turn. Religious symbols like crosses are also a very popular design. 

Check out Luxury Watches

Rolex, Hublot, Cartier – these are some of the most iconic watches the world has ever seen. A gold Rolex is more than just an expensive watch. It is a symbol of precision engineering that is unsurpassed in the world of horology. Every detail, every bit of finishing is a piece of art made in one of the most distinctive and secretive facilities in the world. The same goes with other designer watches – which combine the bleeding-edge but very human engineering with jewelry elements from the most famous design houses of Europe. 

When looking for a luxury watch, you need to do your fair bit of research because it is a big investment (one you will not regret). Familiarize yourself with some of the watch jargon.
Automatic watches are the ones you do not have to wind. They use the motion of the arm – a groundbreaking development introduced by Rolex. The hardcore enthusiasts love automatic watches and they come in many types.

A chronograph is a watch with multiple smaller dials on the main one. It is a style associated with specific disciplines like racing and aviation and adds extra functions to the watch without compromising on the analog aesthetics. The Rolex Daytona and the Omega Speedmaster watches are considered two of the most recognizable and sought-after chronograph watches in the world. Dive watches are designed to be used underwater. Since Rolex introduced the watertight Oyster shell, the water resistant ability of watches has come a very long way. A certified diver watch is expected to handle depths of 100 meters at least.

Luxury watches depict lifestyles and they are items that you will treasure your whole life. In fact, they retain their value over a long time – some models are even more expensive now than when they were launched.

You can make the perfect entrance with the right jewelry and accessory choice. Express your personality by investing in the best designs and workmanship. Bracelets, watches, necklaces, and much more – men’s jewelry is an indispensable part of the discerning and fashion-aware man’s wardrobe. Discover the new exciting possibilities. Reinvent and augment your current wardrobe – create a signature style for yourself.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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