10 December 2018

Benefits of Co-Sleeping with Your Baby

Where your baby sleeps is as important as how he sleeps. You'd find many controversies stemming from what many take as the ideal place for a baby to sleep. Co-sleeping has however proven to have various benefits for both mother and child. Many would say, "it is unsafe to have your baby sleep in the same bed as you," well, maybe for people who haven't learned about the benefits.  The following is a useful Co-Sleeping Guide.

Co-sleeping refers to a sleeping arrangement where a mother sleeps in close proximity with her baby. The benefits of having your baby share your bed are innumerable; the following are a few of them; 

         It helps to build emotional bonding

One of the most significant ways a mother can bond with her baby is through co-sleeping. Co-sleeping helps to build an attachment with your baby. It helps in the release of the love hormone which fosters bonding and attachment.

        It gives the baby a healthy emotional health

Co-sleeping surprisingly has an effect on your baby's emotional health. It helps your child to grow up feeling loved and confident of mama's love. A child that is well cared for during the night receives a constant reassurance of love and safety. 

        It makes breastfeeding easier

Moms who share a bed with their babies are likely to breastfeed longer. Co-sleeping allows you to attend to your baby's need more quickly. It also helps to reduce the long period of wailing during the night. Your baby doesn't have to cry till forever before he goes back to sleep because you are right there to tuck him back to bed by breastfeeding him. 

        Co-sleeping helps your baby to have a sound and peaceful sleep.

Co-sleeping reduces the rate at which your baby startles during sleep. Babies who share a bed with their moms seldom cry at night. They tend to enjoy a more peaceful and sound sleep. With Co-sleeping, startling and night cries are reduced to the barest minimum. 

        Reduced the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Studies have shown that Co-sleeping prevents SIDS. Babies who share a bed with their moms tend to sleep more on their back or side which is one of the ways to prevent SIDS. Other studies have also shown that carbon dioxide from the parent helps to stimulate the baby's breathing. 

What are some of the negative effects?

        Potential health risks

It is not uncommon for babies to suffocate while sleeping because the parent sleeps on them or rolls over on them. Although, can still sleep in the same room as them which somewhat counts as co sleeping. 

        Less sleep for you

Lots of tossing and turning could potentially keep you up many nights. 

        Loss of sleep for the baby

Your overly attentive habits of coming to your baby with every whimper may be worse than leaving them be. 

Co-sleeping is something that you should take seriously and talk with your loved ones prior to doing so. There are many positive things about Co-sleeping but there are some risks as well that you’ll want to address first. Finding some nice baby pajamas and snuggling up does have its perks. 

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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