11 December 2018

Anxiety and Your Child

It's unfortunate but true that anxiety and stress in children are issues that are increasingly common in today’s society that is activity packed, high tech, and fast paced. If you notice that your child is experiencing anxiety and stress, here are a few effective and simple ways to help them manage there upset, worry, and fear.

Get Help

If you think that a family change, like the death of a member of the family, a divorce, move, or a new sibling is the cause of your child’s anxiety, you might want to seek help from a child therapist, your pediatrician, or the school counselor. They will be able to suggest methods that can help them through the situation or even suggest something like an adolescent treatment program.  

Don’t Poo-Poo Their Feelings

If you want to raise a happy and healthy child, telling them not to concern themselves with their fears might have the effect of making them feel as if feeling anxious is wrong. Let them know that it is ok to feel upset or bad about whatever they are dealing with and encourage them to share their thoughts and emotions.


You are more than likely aware of the comfort that can come from having someone listen to whatever it is that is bothering you. Do that for your child. If they don’t feel like talking, make sure that they know that you are always there for them. Just remain by their side and let them know that you support and love them.

Other Distraction and Comfort

Why not try doing something that they adore? This might be anything from reading to them like you did when they were younger, cuddling them in your lap, or maybe playing a favorite game. When all is said and done, even kids who are 10 years old can appreciate a good old dose of TLC.

Get Them Out

Exercise can work wonders when it comes to boosting your mood. To that end, get them moving. Even if it’s a simple walk around the block, physical activity combined with fresh air can be just the thing to raise their spirits and give them a fresh perspective.

Routines Are Critical

You can always balance any changes if you attempt to keep them as close to their normal routine as possible. For example, stick with regular mealtimes and bedtimes when possible.

Set an Example

As a parent, you can set the tone when it comes to how anxiety and stress in both adults and children are handled in your home. It can be nearly impossible to completely block stress out from our lives, but what you can do something about is how you deal with your stress. Turn the TV off, play a bit of music that is soothing, and maybe try a few yoga poses or try a few other strategies for relieving stress.

The more that you are capable of keeping things peaceful and calm at home, the less likely it is that stress and anxiety will become an issue for any children who might be in your home.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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