03 January 2019

Family Fun: Make Custom T-Shirts!

Are you stuck for things to do on the weekend when the weather is less than perfect outside or during those school holidays with your children? Once you've visited the museum, the park (more than two, three or even 10 times) and tried just about everything else you can think of to excite and interest them, and they are still bored, you may be tempted to just shove them in front of the TV or their digital devices and go and find something grown-up to do by yourself. 

Before you do that though, why not consider in checking out cricut easy press reviews and think about investing in a heat press machine for your home. Making t-shirts together as a family is a great way to spend some quality time doing something fun and creative.


Encourages and Promotes Your Children's Imagination

Children's brains need to be stimulated and encouraged, even when they are not at play. Although a little time each day spent playing video games or using their digital devices can help with their cognitive skills, they should be encouraged to do more. Are your family already artistic? Making custom t-shirts together might be a great way to put your kid's (and your own) imaginative minds to work. Even if you or your children are not in the least bit artistic, it can still be a lot of fun. Having a blank t-shirt can be likened to having a blank canvas to work with.

There are endless possibilities and a lot of room to have whatever you wish on your t-shirt.

Working Together

Making t-shirts with your children using a heat press can help to teach them the value of working together in a team. It is unlikely that, if they are very young, they will be allowed to operate the machine themselves, so they will need your help to handle that side of things. While you will want to give them free rein to make the t-shirt whatever design they desire, if you offer them advice about the colors and images or lettering used, this can teach them that they have to listen to others sometimes, that perhaps know a little more than they do. 

Teaches Them New Skills

Obviously, the design side of making t-shirts has elements of other activities your children and family will be familiar with. The actual part involving the printing of those t-shirts, on the other hand, will be something that is brand new to your children, and possibly yourself too. You should always be encouraging your children to learn new skills, because it helps them to develop as individuals. Even if it is unlikely that they will have a t-shirt printing business when they grow up, it can still be handy for them to know another interesting thing to do.

Family Business

Following nicely from the above, another reason why it can be great making t-shirts with your family, and particularly your children, is that it can be used as the basis for a fun, but money earning family business. You are probably not going to pose a threat to any of the major retailers of fashion labels, but you could make a little bit of money in the process of having something fun to do as a family unit. 

Doing more together as a family is obviously the best way to grow as a family. With a heat press machine suitable for home use and the idea of making creative and fun t-shirts together, you have something that can strengthen your bond and that may result in some additional income, if you make appealing designs. Even if you don’t, at the very least, you all will have DIY t-shirts that you can all wear as a reminder of the fun you had making them in the first place. All in all, though, making custom t-shirts as a family is a great thing to do.

Have fun!

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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