06 March 2019

Social Activity Ideas for Your Women's Ministry

It's really nice for women to get together to enjoy one another's company. In order to make this happen, your women's ministry can become thoughtful and creative about the process. If you're not sure of ways to get started, consider these three ideas. 

1. Clothing Swap Clothing is so precious to women. In a lot of ways, clothing represents a woman's armor. However, there's nothing better than sharing with one another. Host a clothing swap. At this event, women can bring new or gently-used clothing to swap items with one another. Whether it's a nice pair of heels or a cute dress that no longer fits, invite women to bring a piece or two. During this clothing swap, you might decide that it's a great idea to bring in a tailor or seamstress to talk to the women about wearing outfits that fit and flatter the body. As women can learn more about what works for their body type, they'll feel equipped with the confidence to step out and look their best at all times. 

2. Movie Night Is there a hot movie that tons of women would love to see together? It might be a documentary that speaks to women's issues. It might be a fun, dramatic musical. Find a movie that you can show at church. Invite women to come. While it's good to provide snacks and drinks, invite the women to bring their favorite snacks as well. They might even decide that they'd like to bring their own games or entertaining activities. Be flexible with the layout of the evening. After all, it's supposed to be a time for women to connect to have fun. 

3. Potluck & Paint If you ask a woman to make her favorite dish, chances are she'll make it happily. There's something gratifying about creating a delicious dish that feeds others. Whether it's a sweet dessert or a savory dip, invite women to bring their best dishes to share with one another. Furthermore, it's a great idea to invite an artist to facilitate a paint night for the ladies. While they enjoy delicious food and christian women's fellowship, they can also enjoy the beauty of creativity. 

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