29 June 2019

Enriching Modern Art for the Modern Family

Baby Picasso products are designed to be uniquely suited to the needs of parents and their young children. We sell enriching modern art for the modern family. Accelerate child development with our kid-friendly wall decor designed to stimulate your child’s growing mind.

What is a Baby Picasso Visual Playground?

Traditional wall art is purchased mostly for its aesthetic value to adults whereas Baby Picasso Visual Playgrounds are both aesthetically pleasing as well as engaging and enriching for the little ones.

On the surface, vision seems so simple: we look out into the world and instantly know that what we see is a building, a tree, a room, a person, etc. But - you may be surprised to learn that the brain devotes more of its mass to vision than to all the other senses combined.

Strangely though, given its importance, vision is the most underdeveloped sense at birth - yet one of the most impactful in determining a child’s future success. In fact, child development scientists have found that tests of visual recognition are correlated with future IQ.

As a result, the Visual Playground with which you surround your child, even at their youngest age, is equally if not actually more important for their early development as many of the toys that parents are accustomed to filling a child’s room. Surrounding a young child with stimulating yet friendly art can play a critical role in aiding development on multiple dimensions.

All Baby Picasso products are highly engineered and developed to incorporate the learnings of a wide range of contemporary child development research. Our Visual Playgrounds in particular are designed to be richly engaging, broadly accessible, and mood enhancing. Not to mention they raise print awareness and create natural opportunities for parents and children to interact together with their environment.

About Baby Picasso

We believe little changes to a child’s environment and routine at an early age can have a dramatic impact on their future.

At Baby Picasso our vision is to create a more enriching everyday life for young children, and the parents that guide them, during the most critical period in their development.

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