20 June 2019

Tips for Helping Your Child with Homework

As a parent you naturally want your child to succeed.  We urge our children to do well in school and become the best person they can be.  Getting children to concentrate and complete their homework can be a task for some parents.  The following are some homework tips that can guide you in your child's success!

Quiet Work Space


It is important to create a space for your children where they can do their homework in a quiet uninterrupted area.  This can be at the dining room table, a desk in the home, or their bedroom.  Whatever space in your home that is free from distractions such as television and a bunch of noise will work.  You may want to implement a no cell phone rule during homework time to ensure that there are no distractions to take away the focus from their schoolwork.

Take Advantage of Available Resources


It can be helpful to break the rule of no media during homework time if it involves using online resources to help with homework.  Not only are there several websites out there that can provide help with different subjects, there are even YouTube channels designed to do the same.  An example of such a resource is Khan Academy for math.  They have free helpful online resources as well as a YouTube channel for different math functions if your child is more of a visual learner.  If you notice your child is still struggling you may also want to consider a tutoring service to give them that extra help that is needed.

Stay in Contact with the Teacher


Your child's teacher is a great place to turn to when you want to ask questions regarding your child's homework or to see if the school offers additional resources such as tutoring.  If you notice there are certain subjects that your child is struggling with you should talk with their teacher.  By doing this the teacher can give your child the extra needed time whether it be at lunch or after school to help them learn the material.  By staying in contact with your child's teacher you also build that connection that lets them know that you are dedicated to your child's academic success.

Additional things you can do to help your child when it comes to schoolwork is by making yourself available to help them if needed.  Ways you can help include quizzing them on the material learned and proofreading or checking their homework for any errors.  By incorporating these tips your child will be on their way to becoming a rock star when it comes to homework!

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