23 July 2019

How To Be A Good Parent To A Newborn

Are you the proud new parent of a newborn? Maybe this is your first. Perhaps it is your second. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that having a child is both exciting and frightening at the same time. Even if you have gone through the process before, you still truly aren’t going to know what to expect. Sure, you are going to have some inside knowledge and the upper hand when compared to first-time parents, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that this child is going to be the same as the other. The whole experience could be different and this child might require more or less than your first. With the following tips, you can learn to be the best parent possible to your newborn.

Soothe That Wailing Child

When your child is crying you probably automatically know that something is wrong. Well, this is where most parents make mistakes. Sure, you want to comfort and soothe the child when they are crying. This is completely normal and this is what you should be doing. However, you need to make sure that you are doing it right. You can soothe a crying child be either swaddling, holding him or her, swinging him or her, or letting them suck. Sometimes it might even take all of these tactics to calm that wailing child.

Helping Your Baby Latch

Nothing is going to upset a newborn more than malnutrition. As a new parent, you might think it would be impossible to go without feeding your child. This would simply be careless and neglect. Well, things aren't always as easy as putting a bottle in a baby’s mouth and getting him to suck. This is especially true when it comes to breastfeeding. Just check out the latest parenting guide in Singapore. When your newborn won’t latch onto the nipple it is not only uncomfortable, but it can deprive your child of the nutrition that he or she needs. This is exactly where breast shields can come in handy. These handy little devices can help your child to learn to latch onto the nipple.

Keeping That Child Awake During Feedings

Speaking of feedings, you always need to make sure that your child is awake during feedings. This is extremely important because it will ensure that the child gets a good night’s rest. When babies get full before they fall asleep it is going to help them get more restful sleep during each feeding. To keep the child awake during feedings all you have to do is simply stoke his or cheek with a fingertip.

Provide Crib Comfort

You will probably notice that your newborn has a more restful night’s sleep when he or she sleeps with you. For the most part, this has nothing to do with separation anxiety. Instead, it is the fact that newborns like warmth. If you want your child to sleep more comfortably in his or her own crib, you are going to need to make it warm and comfortable.

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