27 October 2019

About Fluz - Payment App

Fluz - A newly launched Cash back App that gets instant cash back when users pay merchant over phone. Users can stake rewards with Fluz, the discount that they get is on top of all coupons, store discounts, credit card offers!  Fluz onboarded most of the major merchants in USA and gives you the potential to make real money from everyday purchases like food, rides, groceries, movies, clothes etc. What sets it apart from competitor mobile apps is that it combines cash back, social shopping,
and networking, which gives you one of a kind experience. 

Fluz not only gets you instant cash back for your purchase and also give users the opportunity to invite family & friends to their network and earn from their purchase as well. This amplifies your ability to earn through the app. Do note that invite is not mandatory and just an option to earn more. At this point Fluz allows users to withdraw accumulated cash back via PayPal. Soon new functionality will be introduced to move it directly to back accounts. The choice is virtually endless when you shop and use Fluz. There are tons of local businesses and well-known brands in their roster of partners so Fluz will be on stop app that gets you cash back from almost all merchants!!  Now Shopping is Earning!!!

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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