01 November 2019

The Perfect Christmas Wreath

Those shopping for Christmas wreaths will find plenty of choices on the World Wide Web.  All the choices can be baffling to some and extremely enjoyable to others.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles of the season.  The perfect wreath for you is just a few clicks away.

Jen’s Wreaths is a popular online retailer that specializes in fresh balsam fir wreaths. Jen McFadden says, “Deciding between faux and fresh may be the first choice you have to make.  The advantages of fresh wreaths include a one of a kind appearance and experiencing the natural fragrance from the pines and firs.”  Fresh wreaths have won the hearts of many over their faux counterparts. 

For over a decade the bestselling fresh wreaths have been Traditional in nature.  Yes, it’s hard to believe but Americans crave the classic vintage Christmas look.  The standard handtied red velvet bow, frosted ponderosa cones and a few faux red berry accents are the highlights of the traditional wreath.  Over the past decade thousands have flocked to buy Jen’s 24 inch Traditional Wreath putting it in their companies Best Seller’s category.  

Another popular choice is fresh wreaths featuring plaid ribbons.  Checkered and tartan plaid type patterns shout northwoods, cabins, fireplaces and bring to mind warm memories.  Pair these patterns up with some Austrian or Norway pinecones and it makes for a stunning door wreath.  Take a look at this plaid gingham wreath.  This one is extra special because they paired the balsam fir up with mixed greens.  Mixed greens can vary from company to company but white pine twigs and cedar branches are what this wreath has featured.  The glass balls step it up a notch and make it a bit more formal.  Notice also how they mis-matched the pinecones on purpose.   Combining white tipped pine cones with natural ones along with the subtle red faux berries make this one stunning holiday wreath.  This wreath called “Nora’s Gingham Delight” is available for purchase on www.jenswreaths.com

Maybe you’re a person who wants to celebrate the fun and adventure of all the holidays bring.  Themed wreaths make great gifts.  Typically the bow sets the theme with a special print.  Animal lovers might find bows with puppy dog paw prints.  While the masculine customer might fine a bow that looks like trees or camouflage.  If you like Santa Claus and Snowmen then you might just love this Reindeer themed wreath.  There is a reason that Jen’s Wreaths, a small mom and pop business, is one of the top online destinations for many searching for that perfect wreath.  This completely unique design is a signature, one of a kind wreath.  Various colors of reindeer coated with weather resistant spray, white tipped pine cone clusters, and a snowflake looped bow make this wreath the perfect holiday gift

So the Perfect Christmas Wreath is out there.  I don’t think there are any wrong choices to be had here.  They are all great choices and it’s up to you to get clicking.  When you find YOUR Perfect Fresh Wreath display it proudly and enjoy the fragrance, the texture and the uniqueness being handmade brings.

Merry Christmas!

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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