23 October 2019

Make Santa a Personalized Plate for His Cookies This Year!

Since the holiday season is about to arrive and it is the best time of the year with all the blinging festivities. Individuals of all ages look forward to this time because they get to spend time with their families, decorate houses, put up the Christmas tree and decorate it with beautiful ornaments, watching Christmas movies, walking out in the snow at night to watch lighting, enjoying hot chocolate with family and opening presents with your loved ones is the best. Each family has their own traditions that they follow at this time of the year but putting up the Christmas tree and putting cookies and milk for Santa are a must. All the kids look forward to put cookies and milk for Santa and to receive their presents. 

This year, instead of putting a same old boring plate, engage your kids to create a personalized plate for Santa. The kids will be super enthusiastic about this activity and you will get to spend quality time with them. During tough work hours, it gets difficult to spend more time with family and kids but during the holiday season, you all should make the best out of it by spending most of your time with your loved ones. 

These plates will become a memory, they can be used to hang around the house, food can be served upon them and they can even be gifted to somebody else as a present. 

Coconut kids aims at bringing families and the loved ones together to create arts and crafts. This time that they will spend together will become a beautiful memory that they will cherish in the future.
The holiday art set comes with 3 designs that you can choose from, dishwasher safe plates, it comes with paint and a brush. 

When you intend to paint the plates, you get full liberty to use your ideas and imaginations to play with colors. However, there are a few suggestions that the coconut kids have for you all:

Name of the artist can be added at the top of the plate, if there are more than one then you can just add the initials as a memory. 

You can use finger prints or thumb prints to sign the plates, this will be super fun if there is more than one person working on a plate. 

If you feel that the colors are less then you can make your own unique colors by mixing them together on a separate plate. 

To make sure that the date and time is remembered, add the family name, date and time at the back of the plate so you can even show it your grandchildren in the future. 

Alongside the plate, you can write cookies for Santa as this will represent the purpose of creating the super fun plate.

Now when you are done doing your magic on the plate, you can bake it and the colors will become permanent, make sure that the colors don’t budge before baking so that they stay in their place. Also, after baking, the colors that you have painted will become food safe. You will be able to serve food on this plate if you feel like as it will meet all the FDA standards after it is done baking.

This holiday art allows the families to get together and have some fun, the kids specially enjoy this activity as they are super excited to serve cookies to the Santa. On a bigger picture, this activity is much more than just strengthening the family bond, this activity is very encouraging as it allows the kids to put their imagination on the plate. The parents are encouraging their kids to create art. So, this activity will leave a greater impact on the personalities of the children as they will create more in the future. They will come up with innovative ideas.

If you are also ready to have a fun holiday season with strengthening of family bonds then make sure that you get this holiday art set. Get ready to get big hugs from your kids as they will be super excited for this activity and will thank you for arranging it.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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