24 October 2019

When to Have Your Child's Eyes Checked

You may be wondering when is the right time to have your child first seen by an eye doctor.  While your baby may not be able to read an eye chart, that doesn't mean that an early visit isn't necessary.  In fact, it is recommended that your child first see an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive exam by six months of age.  While you may not be able to notice anything wrong with your baby's vision, eye doctors and ophthalmologists have equipment and ways that they can assess their vision, even at this young age.  This can help catch any issues early, and if necessary, find a corrective lens prescription that will best work with your child. 

If the six month check goes well you can wait until the age of 3 to 5, or before kindergarten for the next exam.  For children who have vision problems that were diagnosed early, you will want to take your child in for an exam annually as a child's lens prescription can fluctuate over the years.  At this point if your child's previous eye exams show no issues, you can follow a pattern of getting an exam every two years after this.  Remember,  if your child is using glasses or contact lenses, a yearly exam is recommended.

Be sure to tell your child's ophthalmologist of any family history of eye problems.  For babies, be sure to tell the eye doctor if your child frequently rubs their eyes, excessively blinks, has trouble following visual movements, or if they exhibit delayed motor development.  These symptoms can indicate an eye problem that needs attention.  Your child's eye doctor can also help if your child shows signs of crossed eyes or a lazy eye.  

Remember, early intervention when it comes to your child's vision is key to giving them healthy vision and possible needed preventative maintenance.  If you have any additional questions regarding your child's eye health you can ask an ophthalmologist.  They can also help you design a time frame for exams that will best fit your child's needs.


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