07 November 2019

Introducing Your Child To Musical Instruments

Music is therapeutic, fun and offers a chance for learning. Statistics show that students who play a musical instrument or sing are more likely to succeed in other subjects. So how do you encourage your child to play?

Listen To Music Together

The first thing you can do to encourage interest in music is to play music! Listening to music has all sorts of benefits for you and your child, but listening to a wide range of styles and genres can expose your child to different kinds of music and different musical instruments. Classical music and jazz music in particular feature wind instruments and string instruments that you might encourage your child to learn how to play down the line.

Search For Lessons

Whether or not you know how to play an instrument yourself, you can find teachers at school or in your community who offer lessons. Music lessons Boston are easy to find just by reaching out to schools or doing a search on the internet. If your child's school has a music program, lessons can help your child get one on one time with a teacher so they can learn more about playing and hopefully get excited about bringing their new skills to their band or orchestra program. If you cannot afford lessons, some schools offer scholarships that your student can apply for. Either way, initiating music lessons gets your child involved in playing.

Be Supportive

Many students will learn how to play an instrument at an early age and then quit if they get bored or if they do not like their music teachers. One way you can help your student grow to love playing an instrument is by getting involved and being supportive of what the student wants to do. This looks like letting your child pick what instrument they would like to play, showing up for concerts and volunteering at music events. If you play an instrument, this is a great chance to go with your child to the local community band as well, and make music part of your family tradition.

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