17 February 2020

Pediatric Dentistry in North Carolina

Finding a dentist that can meet your family's needs is important.  Especially when it comes to your children, you want to find a dentist with experience in pediatric dentistry.  This is due to our differing needs depending on age in relation to our oral health.  Special needs involving your child's teeth include monitoring for proper tooth eruption, cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as sealants. 

If you're in North Carolina there is a highly respected pediatric and family dentist that would love to work with your family!  Dr. Adam Moore at Moore Family Dentistry in Garner is not only trained in pediatric dentistry, but he is also a family dentist.  This means you can rest assured that your child's oral health will be in good hands, as well as your own!

Dr. Moore was rated one of the top 40 under 40 dentists by Incisal Edge Magazine.  Services beyond general dentistry include the option of sedation free fillings, cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers, Invisalign braces, and tongue tie release care.  You can call today and schedule your free consultation with Dr. Moore to see how his services might work for your family.

To schedule your free consultation call: (919) 772-1811

Moore Family Dentistry is located at 501 Health Park Dr. Suite 110  Garner, North Carolina


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