07 February 2020

Internet Safety for Kids with TigerMom Parental Control

Internet safety is naturally a concern of parents.  Keeping your child safe while navigating the internet can sometimes be confusing and knowing where to start can be a challenge.  TigerMom Parental Control aims to make this easier!  All you have to do is plug the TigerMom Parental Control box into your WiFi router.  From there TigerMom filters and omits questionable content from Google, Bing, and YouTube.

So what exactly does TigerMom Parental Control filter out?  Items filtered include pornography, gambling, violence, drugs, and crime.  You can have peace of mind knowing that with TigerMom your child will not be exposed to content that can be harmful or dangerous.  TigerMom also comes with controls to help you navigate access to games, shopping, social media, and videos.  You can filter all or select which controls you feel are appropriate for your child.

Check out the TigerMom YouTube channel here!

Parents can also use the TigerMom Parental Control to stay up to date with what websites and apps their child is accessing.  Need to limit internet time?  TigerMom helps you set restrictions on the amount of time your child spends online with the ability to lock their device using controls.  This can help with keeping on a bedtime schedule or limiting game time for your child.  By connecting TigerMom to the WiFi router you can keep tabs on all connected devices including phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and smart TVs.


TigerMom Parental Control is available for purchase through their website as a one time payment or by monthly subscription.  You can also purchase the TigerMom device through Amazon.  What's great about TigerMom is that it's an affordable option for kids internet safety in the home.  Check out TigerMom to see how this device can work for your family and rest assured that TigerMom will provide the safety that you're looking for.

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