14 July 2020

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home During Covid-19

While germs are always a concern for any household, creating and maintaining a clean and germ free environment during a pandemic can seem challenging and overwhelming.  With the outbreak of Covid-19, many people are wondering what the best method and products to use are to create a healthy home.  The truth is you can get a healthy, clean home without the use of harsh chemicals with VepoClean by ecopure!

VepoClean is a company committed to proving a cleaning service using all natural products, including baseboard cleaner.  The way they do this is through Rexair water based technology called Rainbow, and they are the only cleaning company right now on the market using it.  This Rainbow cleaning system not only works hard to clean and disinfect surfaces, it also disinfects and purifies the air!  This is done through a steam vapor disinfection process that kills 99.9% of disease causing viruses, bacteria, and pathogens within seconds.  In addition, VepoClean offers a calming aromatherapy touch when they come out to your home or business using your choice of one of their featured scents to add that additional relaxing effect.

The VepoClean method is amazing because it is safe for your family and pets alike.  It also minimizes damage to delicate or porous surfaces that can deteriorate with the use of harsh chemicals.  VepoClean is a great choice for both homes and businesses.  To get started simply fill out an online booking form and shortly after you will receive a welcome call from a VepoClean Client Happiness Manager.  From there VepoClean will figure out what services will best fit your needs.

With VepoClean you can sit back and relax while their team cleans and disinfects your home to the highest standards.  You can visit their website to start the booking process, get a cleaning quote, and to find out more information on how VepoClean can work for you!

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