10 September 2020

Practicing Self Care While Home Schooling Your Kids



As the world is going through severe Pandemic and is in a state of constant lockdown, the most affected people other than the COVID-19 patients are those mothers who suddenly find themselves a homeschooler. While teachers are performing their duties by taking online classes, on the other end mothers who are already juggling with many positions of a cook, cleaner, wife, (the list may go on) and homeschooling being the hardest of all adds enormous burden on them by sitting around their kids throughout the class keeping an eye on every single task assigned to them. However, managing all kinds of stuff at a time is quite a big challenge for all mothers out there and may ruin their health, sanity, or patience. 

Notably, all the things do not stop one from keep trying however; there are some tips to be followed to stay cool throughout this homeschooling process.


Sleep is vitally important

Plenty of research suggests that sleep in vitally important for your health and it must be prioritized. Generally sleep is the first thing most people sacrifice when the rubber meets the road and this isn’t wise because losing sleep leads to losing productivity. Homeschooling is challenging, but it requires great energy, attention, and patience and that can only be achieved when you had a good sleep. Taking care of yourself will ultimately lead you to better parent and teacher of your kid. Do not sacrifice your health and happiness for homeschooling and hustling, it won’t work in the long run.


Self Care Routine  

Reconsidering your self- care routine is another vital aspect that keeps you sane during homeschooling. Self-care does not necessarily mean self-indulgence. Self-care means self-preparation. You need to think about what helps you to be at the best for the multiple jobs that you have in your life. There are a lot of people depending on you. So you need to work out mentally, physically, and spiritually for yourself that will benefit you throughout your busy schedule day. Going for a run, going for a walk is often good for all of the three aspects. Do the things that motivate you to feel like you are at your best. This is important not only to perform your multiple jobs well but it also sets a great example for your children who are watching you. 


 Get a Dream Team

It’s a fact anyone who has risen to the top of their work hasn’t done it alone, they must have some mentors, coaches, trainers. Whenever there are some weaknesses, you need to seek out resources. That does not necessarily mean you have to pay for it and need yet some extra time to go for it, rather go for the support and training you need to be the best at your work. This can be done by joining some groups on any social media platform or watching videos available on the internet. 


Routine for kids

Try not to track off your kids from a scheduled routine with that of schooling days. Waking up and going to bed early, dressed up nicely, a proper breakfast before the start of the class, and having small breaks in between the classes to refresh their mind that will help them in focusing and participating with great energy. 


Put all gadgets away

Although it doesn’t look like a formal class, however, all your gadgets must be put away and you must disconnect to the world for a while not to distract yourself as well as not to divert your children’s attention. The incoming calls, messages, and notifications on your gadgets not only result in losing attention but also leads to a waste of time. 


Plan your meals in advance 

It’s better to plan your meals. For instance, if you want to give all your time to your kids during their school time and you have to cook side by side. So the better option is to shop for all the required things on weekends and try to cook the meal that may last more than a night. Ask your kids to help you with cooking with you. This may help them in learning new things other than their school tasks. And will also lead in giving all your time to your kids during their schooling.  Try some mushroom tea as well to help you revitalize and relax with a soothing treat!


Outside time

It’s hard to go out and having a picnic in rush parks and other public places when the world is facing a severe Pandemic and all of us are confined to our homes. As a result of this quarantine everyone and specifically, kids are in great anxiety. To provide them with a change, you must get children outside of their homes as much as possible following all the restrictions and all SOPs. Be it a walk to a nearby park or a bicycle ride in-ground or maybe a drive on a long route. This will help in retaining the mental health of your child as well as your self. 


Indoor activities

Prioritize indoor games and activities other than 9-3 pm schooling. The indoor games such as board games, puzzles, card games help in increasing the intellectual learning of a child. Along with games, other activities such as arts, crafting, may give an exposure to the creative skills of your kids. Get them adapt to the habit of reading interesting books. This will greatly help in their academic career as well.


Bottom line 

To wrap up, coping up with the new “remote with kids” situation is quite challenging. And it’s even more challenging not to lose your temper and patience while dealing with homeschooling. All you need to do is have a strong faith in yourself, take a deep breath and follow a patterned schedule to manage your countless roles as a teacher, mother, cleaner, cook, wife and the list goes on……

Taking care of yourself must be a priority and you will finish it without feeling over-worked, burned out, and stressed.

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