06 September 2020

The Importance of Ergonomics for Children



You've probably heard how important ergonomics can be, especially when it comes to certain occupations such as office or warehouse workers.  It may surprise you to know that ergonomics in children is just as important.  When it comes to developing good posture and preventing long term pain and injuries in children, there are a variety of ways you can implement good ergonomic practices for your child.




For school aged kids and teens, a backpack is a necessary item to help carry around their much needed books and school supplies.  One concern with backpacks is that they can become heavy and may potentially put strain on your child's back over the course of each school year.  A heavy backpack can also affect a child's posture, which can also lead to chronic pain.

One way you can help practice good children's ergonomics with their backpack is by making sure your child's backpack is not becoming too heavy.  For instance, it is recommended for a 60 pound child that a backpack not weigh over 5 pounds.  For a teenager weighing 125 pounds, their backpack should not weigh over 15 pounds.  It is also important to ensure that the backpack straps are properly tightened to provide comfort but also to reduce strain.

Desks and Chairs


During this time of a pandemic, many children are learning remotely from home.  With this comes the need for a quality desk and chair set that can work ergonomically for the child to withstand each day of learning.  A kids desk chair set that is ergonomically correct will include height adjustments, age specifications, a stable frame, and proper storage space.

A proper child's desk chair set will also prevent slouching so that posture is taken into consideration.  The desk surface area should also tilt to accommodate proper ergonomics.  If you are looking for a good set to invest in, consider these options before making your decision.

Taking ergonomics into consideration with your children can be a new concept for many parents.  Being mindful of this can help promote good posture and decrease long term pain associated with strain.  Just remember ergonomics is for all ages and is great practice for long term wellness!

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