03 December 2020

Teaching Your Daughter About Alcohol Safety


We all want to keep our children safe. When your daughter reaches her teenage years, you may find that you have less influence on her decisions. While this is a normal part of her finding her independence and identity, you still do not want to compromise on safety. When she reaches the age where she will go out with her friends and consume alcohol, whether living with you or not, you want to feel secure in the knowledge that she took your life lessons to heart, and is able to keep herself and her associates safe when drinking.


Drinking and Driving


Consuming alcohol and then manning a vehicle can have devastating consequences if done in short succession. Not only do you run the risk of causing yourself and others serious injury, or even death, there is also the chance that you will be fined, arrested, and even given a criminal record depending on the amount of intoxication and severity of the damage caused – speak to a Plano DWI lawyer for more information. This can seriously affect a person’s life chances, including where they live and the job they take.

Your daughter needs to understand that driving while under the influence of alcohol is never acceptable. Instead, she should plan her journey ahead of the night out, such as by pre-booking a taxi. If she cannot get home at the end of the night, either booking into a hotel until she is fully sober, or even calling you to get her home safely, are better options. They may involve more hassle or expenditure, but at least then her safety and legality will be assured.


Knowing Her Limit

Many people, when drinking, may attempt to keep up with their friends in terms of drinks consumed. While this may seem fun, it is important to note that everyone’s tolerance levels are different. If your daughter does want to drink on her night out, explain to her the signs of reaching a tipsy stage, which is where it can be advisable to stop drinking. This way, she may still feel the merriment that alcohol can bring, without the risk of injury, vomiting, behaving in a way that she wouldn’t if she were sober, and reducing the chances of her suffering from a hangover the following morning. 


Never Leave a Drink Unattended


 When your daughter and her friends are out at a club, they may want to spend time on the dancefloor. If this happens, they have two choices. Either they can finish their drinks and then go dance, or abandon their drinks, but then buy new ones. At no point should she ever touch a drink that has been left unattended, even for a few minutes, as there is no guarantee that something hasn’t been slipped into the drink. While this may seem overly cautious, and expensive, it is a small price to pay to make sure that she and her companions do not fall victim to being drugged on a night out.


Keeping your daughter safe doesn’t stop when she reaches adulthood. Being a parent is a lifelong commitment and, by teaching her important safety aspects from a young age, you can do your utmost to protect her even in her independence.

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