28 January 2021

Bloodlines - A Dying Truth Exposed, Book One by Marcus Abston



Coming soon in February from author Marcus Abston is an exciting historical fiction book titled Bloodlines - A Dying Truth Exposed, Book One.  This page turner features the story of a grandfather determined to educate his ignorant family about their lineage.  He decides to start with the tale of his own great-great grandmother Annabelle.  


Annabelle was born as a slave on a cotton plantation in Mississippi.  Due to the master's daughters taking a liking to Annabelle she had the duties of a house servant.  The youngest daughter especially took to Annabelle and tried to protect her from the master's cruelty along the way, until she grew up and got married, leaving Annabelle behind.  


Once the master's youngest daughter marries off and leaves, Annabelle finds herself no longer able to suffer the master's cruelty any longer.  Now a teenager, Annabelle decides to run away from the plantation and her life as a slave in the pursuit of freedom.  While her journey is only the beginning to the tale of a family legacy, her decision to runaway begs to question, is there anywhere safe for her to run in the 1800s?  

Hear an interview by the author Marcus Abston below!

Stay updated on this upcoming February release by visiting the author Marcus Abston's website where you will also find links to purchase the book and ebook on Amazon upon its release.  







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