16 February 2021

Lettuce. Why is Eating Green Can Be Beneficial For You

 Lettuce. Why is Eating Green Can Be Beneficial For You?

Leafy salad is one of the most widespread vegetables on our tables since we use it mostly as a base for various salads. But for some reason, we tend to miss the fact that lettuce actually is the superfood, and not only because it can go to almost any dish or even drink, or be preserved

Lettuce is very healthy, and we are going to prove that to you!


What Is Lettuce?


This sort of salad is a leafy annual plant that belongs to the daisy family! It is quite easy to cultivate, even though growing it requires low temperatures to keep the plant from flowering. For this reason, quite many people grow lettuce at home not only in gardens but also in their windowsills!

Very few people might know it but lettuce has been known since ancient Egypt! Back then, this plant was cultivated for gathering oil from its seeds. Later, in Europe, it was used for medical purposes and today we simply enjoy it in our daily eating.

Why We Shall Include Lettuce to Our Daily Meals

So what is it so beneficial in this simple green leafy vegetable, you may wonder? Well, to begin with, it is very watery (as you could already notice) which allows this veggie to keep our water balance at a proper rate. But this is not the only benefit of eating it even though lettuce doesn’t belong to the vegetables loaded with nutrients - as Meredith Hayes says


·         This sort of salad, despite the widespread belief of being a complete zero regarding healthy elements, provides our bodies with vitamins A (makes our eyes healthier and supports the growth of the cells) and K (keeps our bones strong protecting them from fractures) 

·         It is low in fiber but very rich in water making this leafy plant a great refreshment

·         Leafy lettuce is a source of C vitamin which is a strong antioxidant and helps to maintain our immune system. Consider this if you don’t like citruses

·         This plant contains calcium that not only makes our teeth and bones strong but it also supports our muscles functioning and blood clotting

·         Lettuce is a source of potassium, a mineral that brings the blood pressure down

·         It is low in calories, fat, and sugar being a perfect choice for those who follow any diet

·         Certain types of lettuce (e.g. Romaine) can fight inflammation and bones pain successfully

·         Romaine lettuce is good for the heart health

·         Eating lettuce daily will protect our brains from aging and developing different health issues like memory loss, decreasing cognition, or even Alzheimer’s!

If you want a salad that is more loaded with nutrients and vitamins, we suggest you go for the darker sorts of lettuce whereas iceberg salad will be the lighter version of this plant.

Since this vegetable is the most potent while fresh, don’t keep it refrigerated too long even if you provided the bunch with all the necessary conditions. Crispy watery leaves taste way better than dull and faded ones.

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