23 April 2019

Moms New Favorite Wish List App for Kids

Hey Moms and Dads!  Has your child ever received clothing or shoes as gifts that were the wrong size?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to let friends and family know what size your child wears, eliminating the need for store returns?  Well there's a new app created just for parents called Keep It Delightful that makes gift giving easy and ensures the right size and just want your child wished for every time!

With the Keep It Delightful app your child can add items to their wishlist for an upcoming birthday, holiday, or celebration.  Parents can add to their child's profile their shoe and clothing sizes to take the guesswork out of the question "Will it fit?".  You can even use the app to customize your child's event with personalized photos friends and family can view.  After your event you can even use the app to send out thank you notes!

Keep It Delightful was born from a busy mom trying to tackle the holiday season.  Between fielding multiple requests on what her son was interested in she decided there had to be an easier way to let family and friends know just what to get (and what sizes).  Now parents everywhere can simplify the process as well!  The Keep It Delightful app is available through the Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Give it a try and see how you can keep your child's celebrations delightful!

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