08 March 2020

Should My Child Go to a Catholic School?

Catholic schools can provide many benefits to children, but this solely depends on what you want your child to get from education and if you are religious yourself. Even if you haven’t followed the Catholic faith before, this doesn’t mean your child cannot attend a Catholic school if you want them to have a chance of deciding their own faith. If you are considering a Catholic school, here are some points to think about first.


If you want your child to have more than just an education, religious schools provide a new way of looking at one’s self. Not only will they learn Math, English, and Science, they will also learn more about themselves spiritually. This method of education can help children to learn more about themselves as a person whilst still receiving a high standard of education. Visitation School is an example of a Catholic school that aims to
teach children how to be themselves and how to do it well, a great mantra that many parents can get behind. 



If you are religious and follow the Catholic faith, choosing a Catholic school is a no-brainer. During this time, they will learn more about the faith and be surrounded by like-minded individuals, immersing themselves in the true message of the faith. If you don’t yet follow the religion, this doesn’t mean your child won’t be accepted if you have a willingness to explore the faith and open yourself up to God. 


Many Catholic schools are highly-recommended educational facilities and children that attend Catholic schools often do better in their education. There are many reasons for this including smaller class sizes. This provides more 1 on 1 attention and means children that are struggling are more likely to be noticed, as there are fewer children to hide behind. Not only this but private Catholic schools often have many after-school activities for children to get involved in and encourage children to excel in many aspects of education, including sport and music. 


Many of the best Catholic schools are private, but this doesn’t mean you have to be out of pocket to provide an outstanding education for your children. Catholic schools want to help those in need to have a great education and so offer need-based financial help each year for parents who may not have the money to send their child to a private Catholic school. 

Parental Involvement

If you want to be involved in your child’s education, Catholic schools present plenty of opportunities for parents to participate in school events. With many religious activities and festivals going on around the school, you can be involved as much or as little as you want. Being involved with the school will send a positive message to your children that school is important and attending events can help bring the whole family together. 

Choosing a Catholic school can provide a well-rounded education alongside like-minded friends. With smaller class sizes and the ability to get financial aid with tuition, it is no wonder many moms are sending their children to Catholic schools. 

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