09 December 2020

5 Accidents and Injuries to Avoid This Christmas


Most of us absolutely love Christmas. It’s a great time to relax, see your family and eat some delicious food.


However, Christmas can also be a dangerous time for many. Certain accidents and injuries become more common. No one wants a trip to the emergency room on Christmas day, so it’s important to be extra careful and avoid accidents and injuries when possible. But which ones should you try particularly hard to avoid?


Drunk driving

Drunk driving becomes more common over the holiday season. There are more parties to attend and all the festive cocktails are sometimes just far too tempting for some people. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks over Christmas, it’s important not to get behind the wheel after. Driving under the influence is illegal because alcohol slows your reactions. If you’ve been caught out for drink driving, contact these Florida DUI Attorneys. Be lucky that you didn’t do more damage and make sure that you take a cab home next time.


Electrical shocks

Most households see an increase in electrical wires over Christmas, with fairy lights being strung over banisters and across Christmas trees. While we all love sparkly decorations, they can be dangerous. Damaged wiring can easily cause electric shocks, which can have a severe impact. Be careful and don’t use damaged wires. Make sure not to overload extension cables, too, as these can start fires.


Cooking injuries

One of the best things about Christmas is all the delicious food. We often spend a lot more time in the kitchen over the holiday season, preparing festive feasts for the family. However, cooking during the holiday period can be stressful, and this causes more accidents. Your kitchen might be busy and you’ll be moving lots of dishes in and out of the oven. Burns, scalds and cuts become more likely, so it’s important to pay extra attention. Drinking while cooking also often causes accidents, so try to save the glass of wine for later. 


Slipping on ice

The holiday season often brings colder temperatures. While this helps us feel festive, it also brings hazards. Walking around on snow and ice can be dangerous, as it’s slippery. Black ice, in particular, is difficult to see. While falling over might be amusing to those around you, it could cause a serious injury. So, be careful. Wearing the right clothing can help, so invest in some snow boots to keep you safe.


Family fights

There are often jokes about families fighting over Christmas. Some families get along amicably and don’t need to worry about such things. However, others find the Christmas period difficult and it can cause people to be aggressive. Family fights can be extremely unpleasant, and are often alcohol related. So, watch how much you drink over Christmas and try to keep things in perspective. If you or another family member is getting wound up, take a time out. 

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