17 December 2020

Creating the Perfect Home Office for a Busy Mom


Being a mom is a full-time job in itself, but many of us decide to carry on working or go back to school, alongside our other duties.  It can be quite a challenge. Whether you are studying, running your own business or working from home in another way, sometimes you just can’t get the time and space to get stuff done.  When it’s becoming too much of a battle, it’s time to separate mom duties with work time.  So, a dedicated home workspace is the ideal solution.

But how do you create it? Here’s a few practical tips.

Making a stylish but practical space

Hard-wearing floors, light-reflecting walls and sturdy furniture are important aspects to a good home office. 

Although practical for daily use, your floor should still be homely.  Wood floors wear well and provide a nice warm feeling.  Herringbone and parquet designs will provide an added bit of style.  Laying this type of floor can be a skilled job, so you’ll need to check herringbone and parquet flooring costs are within your budget.

Matt walls will soak up light, so make sure the walls are decorated with a satin or eggshell finish to help reflect a bit of light back into the room.

Try to avoid flimsy or uncomfortable furniture.  Compact desks and low-backed chairs are going to make working a strain on your back, neck and joints.

Staying connected

Once you’re settled in your own home working space, it can feel a little isolated.  So, some extra creature comforts are a good idea.

Stay connected to the outdoors by having natural light flowing into your space.  Adding roof lanterns and sky lights to a dark space is ideal but can be expensive.  Keep your windows free of obstructions and make sure you have them open for at least some of the day to let in fresh air.

Add nice pictures of peaceful scenery or nature, and keep lush green plants to make the space calm and creative.  If you feel detached from your family but want to feel close to them, you could add pictures of your loved ones to the wall.  You could even have cameras installed around the home so you can watch the kids playing while you work.

I hope these tips will inspire you to create your own home office.

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